A Guide to Quality Furniture in Canada
A Guide to Quality Furniture in Canada

January 08 2024

A Guide to Quality Furniture in Canada


Furnishing with Style: Finding and Maintaining Quality Furniture in Canada

Furnishing your home with high-quality furniture not only enhances the look of your living space but also ensures lasting durability. Especially in Canada, where craftsmanship is highly valued, selecting the right pieces becomes an essential part of home decor.

In this guide, we'll dive into what makes for quality furniture and direct you to the best furniture store options in Calgary, including local stores, online retailers, furniture expos, and direct purchases from manufacturers. We'll also introduce you to top Canadian furniture brands like EQ3, Structube, The Brick, Article, and Leon's, renowned for blending style with durability.

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But it's not just about buying furniture; it's about maintaining it too. We'll share key maintenance tips and the importance of professional upkeep, ensuring your furniture remains a source of pride for years to come. Whether you're outfitting a new home or updating your current pieces, this guide is your comprehensive resource for selecting and preserving quality furniture in Canada.

Understanding Quality Furniture: Materials, Construction, and Design

Quality furniture is more than just a visual delight; it's a blend of durable materials, skilled craftsmanship, and thoughtful design. Look for furniture made from solid wood, high-grade upholstery fabrics, and quality metals. Good construction is evident in strong joinery, smooth surfaces, and additional reinforcements. Quality pieces also feature balanced proportions, ergonomic design, and unique decorative elements.

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Recognizing Superior Furniture

To spot top-quality furniture, focus on the materials used, like solid wood and quality veneers, and check the craftsmanship in the joints and finishing. Well-designed furniture should be proportionate and ergonomic. Also, consider the furniture’s weight and stability, its resistance to wear, and the warranty offered.

Where to Buy Quality Furniture in Calgary

Calgary is home to an array of options for purchasing quality furniture. Local stores offer personalized assistance and the chance to test furniture firsthand. Online retailers boast a wide selection and the convenience of home delivery. Furniture expos present a broad range of styles and deals, while buying directly from manufacturers can provide customization options and first access to new designs.

Top Canadian Furniture Brands

Brands like EQ3, Structube, The Brick, Article, and Leon's stand out for their commitment to quality, offering a mix of modern, contemporary, and classic styles. These brands are celebrated for their sustainable practices, innovative designs, and reliable customer service.

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Maintaining Your Quality Furniture

To keep your furniture in top condition, regular cleaning and dusting are key. Protect your pieces from direct sunlight and heat, and treat spills promptly. For comprehensive care, consider scheduling professional maintenance, including upholstery cleaning, wood polishing, and repairs.

FAQs about Quality Furniture in Canada

What are the signs of quality in furniture?

Quality furniture is characterized by durable materials like solid wood, expert craftsmanship evident in strong joints and smooth finishes, balanced design, and resistance to wear. A weighty feel and manufacturer's warranty are also indicators of quality.

Why is it important to protect furniture from sunlight and heat?

Sunlight and heat can cause fading, discoloration, and deterioration of both wood finishes and upholstery fabrics. Protecting furniture from these elements helps maintain its appearance and structural integrity.

Can you customize furniture at local Calgary furniture stores?

Yes, many local Calgary furniture stores offer customization options, allowing you to choose fabrics, finishes, or dimensions to suit your personal style and space requirements.

What are the benefits of buying furniture online?

Online shopping offers a vast selection, the ability to compare prices and styles conveniently, and often includes customer reviews. Many online retailers also offer delivery services, making the purchase process seamless.

How often should professional furniture maintenance be scheduled?

It's recommended to schedule professional upholstery cleaning every 1-2 years and wood polishing or refinishing as needed. Regular inspections and prompt repairs are also crucial for longevity.