Transform Your Dining Room: Easy Styling Tips and Decor Ideas to Love
Transform Your Dining Room: Easy Styling Tips and Decor Ideas to Love

November 29 2023

Transform Your Dining Room: Easy Styling Tips and Decor Ideas to Love

Welcome to Showhome Furniture's blog on creating stylish and inviting dining rooms in Calgary! Your dining room is more than just a space for meals; it's where cherished memories are made. In this article, we'll explore elegant dining room layouts, table setting ideas, and lighting and wall decor tips. Let's make your dining room truly special.

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Elegant Dining Room Layouts

Formal Dining Room Layout:

For grand dinners, opt for a spacious rectangular or oval table with luxurious upholstered chairs. Add a sideboard for fine china and accents.

Open Plan Dining Area:

Create a versatile space by combining dining with the kitchen or living room. Use a round or square table and define the area with a rug or pendant lighting.

Small Space Dining:

Maximize small spaces with drop-leaf tables, compact chairs, and clever storage solutions.

Outdoor Dining Area:

Enjoy outdoor dining with sturdy furniture, cozy chairs, and atmospheric lighting.

Multi-Purpose Dining Room:

Choose a dining table that doubles as a workspace or game table, and use versatile seating options.

    No matter your space, find a layout that suits your lifestyle and enhances elegance.

    Table Setting Ideas

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    Formal Table Setting:

    Create an elegant atmosphere with pressed tablecloths, charger plates, layered dinnerware, and carefully placed silverware.

    Casual Table Setting:

    For a relaxed vibe, use simple tablecloths, dinner plates, napkins, and silverware. Add personal touches with centerpieces.

    Seasonal and Themed Table Settings:

    Explore creativity with holiday-inspired, nature-inspired, beach or tropical-themed, and vintage-inspired settings.

      Set the perfect ambiance for every occasion with these table setting ideas.

      Lighting and Wall Decor

      Lighting Ideas:

      Choose a chandelier that complements your dining table's size and style.
      Pendant Lights:
      Hang pendant lights for an elegant touch.
      Wall Sconces:
      Install wall sconces for functional and decorative lighting.
      Dimmer Switches:
      Control the mood with dimmer switches.


      Wall Decor Ideas

      Select artwork that matches your dining room's style.

      Make the room appear larger with strategically placed mirrors.

      Accent Wall:
      Add depth with a bold-colored wall or wallpaper.

      Shelves and Display Cabinets:
      Showcase decorative objects.

      Use subtle wallpaper for texture.

      Lighting and wall decor choices can transform your dining room into a captivating space.


      Your dining room is more than just a place to eat; it's where memories are made. To elevate its elegance and functionality, it's crucial to choose the right layout, table settings, and decor. With affordable luxury furniture, you can transform this space without breaking the bank. When searching for the best furniture store, consider one that offers the best buy furniture in Calgary. This way, whether you're hosting a formal dinner or a casual gathering, your dining room will be a special, inviting space for every occasion, reflecting both style and comfort.

      Our Top FAQs:

      What is the purpose of a formal dining room layout?

      A formal dining room layout is designed for extravagant dinner parties and special occasions. It typically features a large table as the focal point, surrounded by matching, luxurious chairs.

      How can I create an open plan dining area?

      Combine the dining area with the kitchen or living room to create an open plan layout. Use a round or square table, and define the space with a rug or pendant lighting.

      What are some tips for small space dining?

      In small dining areas, consider drop-leaf tables, compact chairs, and space-saving storage solutions. Mirrors and light-colored walls can create a more spacious feel.

      What's important in designing an outdoor dining area?

      For outdoor dining, choose sturdy furniture, comfortable chairs, and enhance the ambiance with lighting and shade options like umbrellas or pergolas.

      How can I create a multi-purpose dining room?

      A multi-purpose dining room can serve as a workspace or game area. Choose versatile seating and discreet storage solutions to maintain an elegant look.