How Can I Mix and Match Bedding for a Unique Bedroom Look?
How Can I Mix and Match Bedding for a Unique Bedroom Look?

December 21 2023

How Can I Mix and Match Bedding for a Unique Bedroom Look?

Transforming your bedroom into a unique and stylish haven is simple with the right approach to bedding. In Calgary, where the quest for affordable luxury furniture is always on the rise, understanding how to mix and match bedding styles can make all the difference. As the best furniture store in the region, we're here to guide you through the process.

Coordinating Bedding Styles: The Art of Mixing and Matching

To start, establish a theme or color palette. Whether your bedroom vibe is bohemian, modern, or vintage, selecting a consistent color palette is crucial. Mix patterns of different scales, like a large floral print with smaller stripes, ensuring they share a common color. Texture is your friend - think velvet, linen, or silk to add depth and comfort. Don't shy away from contrasting colors; a navy blue duvet with mustard yellow pillows can be striking. Remember, balance is key. If you opt for a bold pattern, complement it with neutral elements. Accent pillows and shams are great for harmonizing different styles, while bed skirts and throws add a final touch of elegance.

mixed bedding in a Calgary home

Layering for Comfort and Style

The foundation of any luxurious bed is a quality mattress and fitted sheet, paired with a comfortable mattress topper. Layer your sheets, starting with a fitted sheet, then a flat sheet, and a lightweight blanket. Choose a duvet or comforter that aligns with your room's theme, and don't forget about decorative pillows and shams for that extra flair. A cozy throw blanket at the foot of the bed adds warmth and style. When layering, pay attention to proportions and textures to avoid a cluttered look. Experimenting with different styles and materials, like modern and vintage, silk and linen, can create a personalized touch.

Caring for Your Bedding

Proper care ensures the longevity of your bedding. For cotton, use a mild detergent and avoid harsh chemicals. Linen requires gentle washing and air drying to maintain its luxurious texture. Silk should be hand washed and air dried, while synthetic materials like polyester and microfiber are more durable and can be machine washed. For down or down alternative bedding, use a large-capacity machine and a gentle cycle, then tumble dry on low heat.

By following these tips, you can effortlessly create a bedroom that reflects your personal style and adds a touch of affordable luxury. Remember, the best Calgary furniture store is here to help you every step of the way.


Our Top FAQ's:

How do I start mixing and matching bedding? Begin with a theme or color palette that reflects your personal style. Choose patterns and textures that complement each other while maintaining a cohesive look.

What are some tips for layering bedding? Start with a quality mattress and fitted sheet, add a mattress topper, layer sheets and a lightweight blanket, and top it with a duvet or comforter. Decorative pillows and a throw blanket complete the look.

How can I care for different bedding materials? Follow specific care instructions for each material. Generally, use mild detergents, avoid harsh chemicals, and choose appropriate washing and drying methods based on the fabric type.

Can I mix bold and neutral bedding elements? Yes, combining bold patterns with neutral elements creates a balanced and visually appealing look. Use bold elements as focal points and neutral items to complement them.

What is the key to a unique bedroom look? The key is personalization. Mix and match patterns, textures, and colors that you love, and don’t be afraid to experiment with contrasting elements.



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