Navigating the Best Coffee Table Discounts in Calgary
Navigating the Best Coffee Table Discounts in Calgary

September 17 2023

Navigating the Best Coffee Table Discounts in Calgary

Finding the perfect coffee table to anchor your living space can be an exciting experience, especially if you can find it at a low price. Calgary, a city known for its diverse furniture stores, has an impressive selection of coffee table discounts. This article will help you navigate Calgary's dynamic furniture market, identifying the best deals on coffee tables to suit every style and budget.

Best Coffee Table

Showhome Furniture

Showhome Furniture Calgary is the city’s largest family-owned furniture store, is a go-to for one-of-a-kind and low-cost coffee tables. Their diverse range of styles and frequent promotions make it simple for customers to find a piece that fits their aesthetic and budget.

The brick

The Brick is another popular spot in Calgary for furniture deals. They frequently offer substantial discounts on their extensive selection of coffee tables. The Brick has a discounted coffee table for every style preference, with options ranging from modern metal designs to classic wooden pieces.

dyrs-chen The design of this living space is inspired by Japanes

Leon's Furnishings

Leon's Furniture is synonymous with both quality and value. Their selection of Calgary coffee tables is diverse, and they frequently offer significant discounts on select items. Leon's is a worthwhile destination for discounted coffee tables, whether you prefer the warmth of a traditional wooden table or the contemporary elegance of a sleek glass piece.

IKEA Calgary 

IKEA Calgary, known for its affordable and stylish furniture, frequently offers significant discounts on coffee tables. Whether you prefer the simplicity of Scandinavian design or a more eclectic piece, IKEA's ever-changing selection is full of affordable options.

dyrs-chen The living room exudes a serene and minimalist atmosp


HomeSense is a well-known Calgary furniture store for its one-of-a-kind and reasonably priced items. Their coffee table collection is constantly updated, with new deals and unique designs to elevate the look of your living room.


Structube is a must-see if you're looking for modern, contemporary designs. They have a large selection of coffee tables at reasonable prices, and their sales events are a great way to get a good deal on a stylish, modern coffee table.

Understanding where to look for discounts on a coffee table in Calgary is critical. There's a discount for every style and budget, from IKEA's affordable range and Leon's diverse selection to Showhome Furniture's unique finds and Structube's modern designs. Furthermore, retailers such as The Brick and HomeSense offer a rotating selection of discounted coffee tables, giving you new chances to find a good deal. With a little patience, savvy shopping, and a keen eye for sales, you can find the perfect coffee table to complete your living room at a reasonable price.

fastissimo wood coffee table living room modern scandinavian

Our Top FAQs

Is it possible to get a coffee table discount in Calgary?

Yes, there are frequent coffee table discounts available in Calgary. Many of the city's furniture stores have periodic sales and promotions where you can find discounted coffee tables. These reductions can range from a percentage of the original price to special bundle deals or clearance sales. 

Where can I find coffee table discounts in Calgary?

It's a good idea to keep an eye on local furniture stores' websites and social media pages, as they frequently announce discounts and promotions there. Signing up for their newsletters or joining their loyalty programs may also grant you access to exclusive discounts and advance notice of upcoming sales. Don't forget to go to the stores in person, as they may have in-store specials or clearance sections with discounted coffee tables. You can find attractive coffee table discounts in Calgary and save money by staying informed and exploring different options.

Do Calgary furniture stores offer designer coffee table discounts?

Designer coffee tables are discounted in some Calgary furniture stores. HomeSense is well-known for selling designer and brand-name furniture at low prices. During sales events, it's also worth checking out larger stores like The Brick or Leon's Furniture, as they occasionally include designer pieces.

When is the best time to find coffee table deals in Calgary?

While sales and promotions can occur at any time, certain times of the year are particularly well-known for furniture discounts. Sales are common on holidays such as Boxing Day, Canada Day, and Thanksgiving. Furthermore, retailers frequently offer seasonal discounts to clear out inventory for new arrivals. For example, end-of-summer and post-holiday January sales can be excellent times to get a good deal. 

Can I get additional discounts in Calgary stores if I buy multiple coffee tables?

Additional discounts for purchasing multiple coffee tables vary by Calgary store. Bulk purchase discounts are available in some stores, but this is more common in wholesale or outlet stores. Large chain stores typically have fixed pricing policies, but buying multiple items at once can save you money on delivery fees. If you're buying multiple pieces of furniture, talk to the store manager about possible discounts. Many stores, on the other hand, have loyalty programs or credit cards that offer points or cash back on purchases, which could lead to future savings. Always check in-store or online for current promotions, financing options, or reward programs.


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