Seasonal Home Flair: Refreshing Decor Ideas
Seasonal Home Flair: Refreshing Decor Ideas

December 07 2023

Seasonal Home Flair: Refreshing Decor Ideas

 Embrace each season in Calgary with a unique touch from Showhome Furniture, transforming your home into a celebration of change.

Spring Revival with Showhome Furniture

Spring in Calgary is more than just melting snow; it's a time for new beginnings. Envision your living room blooming with affordable luxury furniture in pastels and greens, enhancing your mood. Introduce natural decor, like plants and botanical prints, to bring the outdoors in. Complement this with airy curtains and upholstery and declutter with style for a serene environment. Don't forget to extend this affordable luxury to your outdoor living space, creating an enchanting area for those long spring evenings.

simple living room inside a Calgary home

Autumn Warmth in Your Calgary Home

As the chill sets in, wrap your home in autumn's cozy embrace with Showhome Furniture in Calgary. Transform your living room with deep reds, burnt oranges, and golden yellows. Embrace the season with soft blankets, pillows, and rugs, creating a snug haven. Style your fireplace as the heart of your home and add warm lighting and candles for an autumnal glow. Decorate with pumpkins and gourds to complete your fall fantasy.

Winter Elegance: A Showhome Furniture Wonderland

Winter in Calgary calls for a magical transformation of your home. Mix cool tones like silver and icy blues with warm accents for a balanced look. Indulge in luxury with faux fur throws and velvet cushions. Make your fireplace a cozy fireside bliss and add soft, twinkling lights for a warm atmosphere. Incorporate pinecones, evergreen branches, and wreaths to bring winter's magic inside.

Your Seasonal Journey with Showhome Furniture

At Showhome Furniture, we're not just a store; we're your partner in crafting a year-round beautiful home with the finest decors in Calgary. From the freshness of spring to the cozy embrace of winter, we're here to guide you through a journey of stylish transformations. Visit us in North Hill Centre and embark on your seasonal home makeover today!

well decorated living room in Calgary


Our Top FAQs:

Can Showhome Furniture help me with seasonal decor ideas specific to my room layout?

Yes, our experts at Showhome Furniture can provide personalized decor suggestions tailored to your room's layout and dimensions, ensuring a perfect seasonal transformation.

Are the decor items mentioned in the article available at Showhome Furniture?

Absolutely! Showhome Furniture stocks a wide range of decor items for every season, from vibrant spring fabrics to cozy winter textiles.

How can I incorporate the seasonal decor ideas on a budget?

We offer a variety of affordable options and tips on how to mix and match items to create a seasonal look without breaking the bank.

Do you provide any services for setting up outdoor living spaces?

Yes, we not only offer furniture and decor for outdoor spaces but also provide guidance on setting them up to make the most of Calgary's seasons.

Is it possible to get decor advice for specific rooms, like a bathroom in Calgary?

Certainly! Our team can give tailored advice for every room in your house, including unique tips for bathrooms, to match the seasonal theme.



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