Trending Styles for Rugs in Calgary
Trending Styles for Rugs in Calgary

January 05 2024

Trending Styles for Rugs in Calgary

Transforming your Calgary home with the right area rug is like discovering a hidden gem in interior design. This guide will enlighten you on the latest rug trends and how to select the perfect rug, adding a touch of affordable luxury furniture to your space.

Rug Trends in Calgary

The Calgary furniture store scene is abuzz with the latest rug trends, each offering a distinct flair to any room. Geometric patterns are in vogue, bringing a contemporary edge to interiors. Natural fibers, like jute and sisal, resonate with the eco-conscious, offering durability with an organic touch. Vintage and distressed rugs add a layer of history and character, ideal for those seeking a timeless look. Tribal and ethnic prints introduce a global vibe, while textured and shag rugs offer luxurious comfort. For the bold, abstract art-inspired rugs make a striking statement.

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Selecting the Perfect Rug

When hunting for the best furniture store in Calgary for your ideal rug, size and shape are paramount. Match the rug to your room's dimensions and furniture layout. Style and color should complement your existing decor, creating harmony or an appealing contrast. The rug's material is crucial for durability, especially in high-traffic areas. Maintenance is another key consideration; some rugs require professional cleaning, while others are low maintenance. Finally, set a realistic budget, remembering that a quality rug is a long-term investment in your home's aesthetics.

Rug Placement and Care

The placement of your rug can dramatically alter a room's feel. In living rooms, anchor your seating arrangement with the rug. Dining rooms call for rugs that extend beyond the table and chairs, while bedrooms benefit from rugs under or around the bed for a cozy touch. Regular vacuuming and prompt spot cleaning maintain your rug's look. Consider professional cleaning for delicate materials and rotate your rug to ensure even wear.


Our Top FAQ's:


What are the latest rug trends in Calgary?

Calgary's rug trends include geometric patterns, natural fibers, vintage and distressed styles, tribal prints, textured shag rugs, and abstract art-inspired designs.

How do I choose the right size rug for my room?

Measure your room and the furniture layout. The rug should be large enough to accommodate key furniture pieces, creating a cohesive look.

What should I consider in terms of rug material?

Consider the rug's material for durability and maintenance, especially if it's placed in a high-traffic area. Wool, cotton, synthetic fibers, and natural fibers are popular choices.

How do I care for my area rug?

Regular vacuuming, immediate spot cleaning of spills, and periodic professional cleaning are key. Rotate and, if possible, flip your rug to ensure even wear.

Can the style and color of a rug impact my room's aesthetic?

Yes, the rug's style and color should complement or contrast with your room's existing palette and decor, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space.



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