Wall Decor and Art Selections
Wall Decor and Art Selections

November 27 2023

Wall Decor and Art Selections

Transform your living space into an artistic haven with the right art and decor, including affordable luxury furniture from the best furniture store in Calgary. This quick guide will help you select art that complements your space, create dynamic gallery walls, and use mirrors and decor for added depth and personality, all while showcasing the finest pieces from a top-rated furniture store in Calgary.

Selecting Art for Your Space

Personal Style: Identify whether you prefer modern or traditional art to guide your selection.

Room Purpose: Choose art based on the room's function, like calming pieces for living rooms and motivational abstracts for offices.

Size and Scale: Select art that fits the room's size for either a focal point or a subtler effect.

Color Coordination: Ensure the artwork's colors match or contrast with your room's color scheme.

Theme Selection: Choose a theme that enhances the room's atmosphere.

Framing: A good frame or mat can elevate the art's impact.

Inspiration: Look at galleries, online resources, and magazines for ideas.

mid century decor in a Calgary home

Creating a Gallery Wall

Variety: Mix different sizes and styles of art.

Layout Planning: Test layouts on the floor for a balanced look.

Precise Measurement: Mark your wall to ensure a perfect fit.

Wall Preparation: Clean and fix wall imperfections.

Installation: Start with the largest piece and arrange others around it.

Experimentation: Play with arrangements and layering for depth.

Additional Elements: Consider adding lighting or shelves for a complete look.

Incorporating Mirrors and Decor

Space Enhancement: Use mirrors to make rooms appear larger and brighter.

Focal Mirrors: Choose a large, decorative mirror as a centerpiece.

Mirror Gallery: Create a unique gallery wall with various mirrors.

Functional Decor: Use shelves and hooks for practical decoration.

Textured Decor: Add warmth with items like macrame or tapestries.

Wall Decals: Opt for these for an easy, temporary change.

Combining Elements: Mix artwork with mirrors for a varied display.

Remember, the best wall decor reflects your personal style and lifestyle. Use these tips to make your walls tell your unique story. Happy decorating!

Our Top FAQ's:

How do I choose art that suits my personal style?
Identify your preference for modern or traditional art. This will serve as a guiding principle in selecting pieces that resonate with your taste and complement your living space.

What considerations are important for art in different rooms?
Select art based on the room's purpose. For instance, calming artworks are ideal for living spaces, while motivational abstracts can invigorate office areas, aligning the art with the room's intended atmosphere.

How do I ensure the art fits well in my room?
Consider the size and scale of the art relative to your room. Choose larger pieces for a dramatic focal point or smaller works for a more subtle addition, ensuring the artwork harmonizes with the room's dimensions.

What is the significance of color coordination in art selection?
The colors in the artwork should either match or provide a pleasing contrast to your room's color scheme. This ensures the art complements the overall aesthetic of the space and enhances its visual appeal.

How can a gallery wall enhance my space?
Creating a gallery wall involves mixing different sizes and styles of art, planning the layout, and adding elements like lighting or shelves. This adds depth and personalization, transforming your wall into a dynamic visual display.