Will Adding a Murphy Bed Boost Your Calgary Property's Rental Appeal?
Will Adding a Murphy Bed Boost Your Calgary Property's Rental Appeal?

April 04 2024

Will Adding a Murphy Bed Boost Your Calgary Property's Rental Appeal?

In the bustling city of Calgary, where the blend of urban and mountain life attracts visitors and long-term residents alike, property owners are always on the lookout for ways to enhance their rental's attractiveness. One intriguing option that has gained popularity is the installation of Murphy beds. But does adding one truly elevate your Calgary property's rental appeal? Let's delve into this topic, exploring how integrating this piece of affordable luxury furniture can make a difference.

Maximizing Space: The Magic of Murphy Beds

Murphy beds, or wall beds, are designed to fold up into a cabinet when not in use, significantly saving space. This feature is particularly appealing in the Calgary beds market, where maximizing living space is crucial. For small apartments, studios, or guest rooms, a Murphy bed can transform a bedroom into a multi-functional space,  be it a home office by day or a cozy retreat by night. This adaptability not only makes your rental more functional but also more attractive to prospective tenants looking for versatile living options.

murphy bed inside a Canadian home

Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal with Affordable Luxury Furniture

When it comes to beds in Calgary, it's not just about functionality; aesthetics play a huge role too. Modern Murphy beds come in a variety of styles and finishes, doubling as beautiful pieces of furniture. Offering the dual benefits of efficiency and style, these beds can elevate the look of your rental, positioning it as a cut above the rest. Incorporating such affordable luxury furniture can give your property an edge in a competitive market, making it more appealing to tenants seeking a place that feels like home.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis: Is It Worth the Investment?

Before jumping on the Murphy bed bandwagon, it's essential to consider the investment. The initial cost includes the price of the bed itself plus installation. However, when weighed against the potential for higher rental rates and increased occupancy due to the added appeal, the investment might just pay off. Properties that offer flexible living solutions can attract a wider pool of tenants, from young professionals to small families, all looking for efficient and stylish living spaces.

Tenant Satisfaction and Long-term Benefits

Ultimately, the goal is to keep your tenants happy and your rental occupied. Adding a Murphy bed can significantly contribute to tenant satisfaction by offering them a customizable living experience. Happy tenants are more likely to extend their leases, reducing turnover and the associated costs of finding new renters. Additionally, the unique feature of a Murphy bed can become a talking point, potentially increasing your property's word-of-mouth appeal.

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Top FAQs:

What makes Murphy beds appealing to renters in Calgary?

Murphy beds offer a unique combination of space-saving functionality and style, making small living spaces more versatile and attractive to renters who value efficiency and design in their homes. This appeal can increase the competitiveness of your rental property in Calgary's market.

How do Murphy beds compare to traditional beds in terms of investment for rental properties?

While Murphy beds might have a higher upfront cost compared to traditional beds, their space-saving benefits and appeal to potential renters can lead to higher rental rates and lower vacancy rates, offering a favorable return on investment over time.

Can installing a Murphy bed increase my rental property's value?

Yes, installing a Murphy bed can increase your rental property's value by enhancing its functionality, aesthetic appeal, and versatility. This improvement can make your property more attractive to potential tenants and even justify higher rental prices.

Are Murphy beds considered affordable luxury furniture?

Murphy beds are often seen as affordable luxury furniture because they offer a high-end look and feel, along with innovative space-saving features, at a price point that is accessible to many property owners looking to upgrade their rentals.

How can I choose the right Murphy bed for my rental property in Calgary?

When choosing a Murphy bed for your Calgary rental property, consider the style and decor of the space, the bed's mechanism and ease of use, and the overall quality and durability to ensure it withstands frequent use by different tenants.

What are the long-term benefits of adding a Murphy bed to a rental property?

The long-term benefits of adding a Murphy bed to a rental property include increased tenant satisfaction due to the flexibility and efficiency of the living space, potential for higher rental rates, reduced vacancy rates, and an overall increase in the property's marketability and appeal.