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DIY Fabric Kites

July 15 2016

DIY Fabric Kites

What is it about this season that makes me feel like a kid again? I was browsing Anthropologie and came across this amazing photo shoot of fabric kites and fell into love with their dreaminess! 

Ellice Sala

And then I went and visited Magnolia Market in Texas, wishing I would magically run across Joanna Gaines, but luck was not on my side, but I did snap a pic of these adorable fabric kites from her store.


Here are the simple steps to making the fabric kites.

You will need: fabric, glue gun, glue sticks, dowels and jewels

1. determine the fabric colors you want to work with

2. use dowels (I bought mine from the dollarstore) and break one stick smaller

3. tape the center with duct tape

4. put the fabric under the dowels and cut the fabric in the shape of the kite

5. glue the kite edges


6. make the tail by tying beautiful ribbon on the bottom of the kite

7. add little pieces of ribbon to the tail

8. embellish them with twisting scrape fabric into flower shapes and add feathers and beads with a glue gun



9. hang them up in your child's room with fishing wire at different heights

Ellice Sala
Ellice Sala
Ellice Sala

I was determined to make some up for SHOWHOME.  I embellished them a lot more than what I saw online and loved their final look.  What do you think?  Do you want to come fly a kite with us?


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