Styling A Console Table

February 02 2016

Styling A Console Table


Whether decorative or functional (or a combination of both), it can provide a stage for showcasing treasures and also add needed storage.


The location of your console table will partially dictate how you use it. In a dining room, it might be used to store or display tableware, while in a foyer it can serve as a place to drop keys and mail. Either way, it can provide guests with a glimpse of the personalities of those who live in your home. A perfect console table will add both beauty and practicality to a space.


Styling your table is a matter of taste, but there are some common items that can be combined to give an uncommon result.


Mirrors. A mirror allows you to check your appearance and pull light into your space, adding sparkle that’s hard to duplicate.


Lamps. Used singly or in pairs, lamps bring additional light and a decorative touch. Look for a height that enhances other elements of the space and a base that has some kind of allure - whether it be the shape, an unusual use of material or an eye-catching color.


Baskets. Baskets can be both practical and beautiful. Used to fill the negative space below a console table, they contribute additional storage and attractive texture.


Branches or Botanicals. Elements of nature to add interest to any vignette. Whether tall and sculptural or green and frothy, they ground a design and remind us of living beauty around us.


Personal Mementos.Your home should reflect who you are and the life you lead. Treasures from your life give a clue to what makes you tick and helps transform your house into a home. These can be distinctive pieces from your travels, family photos or items that showcase a favorite hobby.


Books. New or old, chosen for visual appeal or intellectual challenge, a stack of hardcover books is always appealing. In a public space, consider the interests of your visitors and choose books someone would like to thumb through while they visit.


Art Collection.The gallery wall perfectly complements a console table. It's another way of putting your personality on display and affords you an opportunity to exercise your creativity - both in the color, size or shape of your frames and the variety of items they hold. Even a collection of empty frames can be intriguing.


By juxtaposing refined and ordinary pieces you can create a stylish console table that is unexpectedly exciting. A little sparkle, a lamp to turn, a special place to put your keys, a fragrant plant, a place to display seasonal decor - your console table can have it all. Enjoy making it shine.


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