How to Add the 2019-2020 Top Colors into your home decor!

July 04 2019

How to Add the 2019-2020 Top Colors into your home decor!

Hello ladies. Let’s color everything around us! But be careful and read below's guidance first.

Human nature does not change over the years. We always prefer everything colorful, we are drawn to flowers, willingly stay under their beneficial influence, draw joy and energy from colors. The colors calm and comfort us, or vice versa. Stimulate and activate, and also serve as an inexhaustible source of creative inspiration.

Color and White

The most powerful variant is combination of contrasting colors and white. Such expressive compositions are found in 2019. Bright, bold color combinations appear in homes. Presented on a white background, decisive, saturated colors become the design element of the room. They attract attention, activate, bring energy, youth and joy into the interior. Colored spots appear in the white space in the form of colored walls, furniture or decorative elements. They constitute equal elements that complement each other in the composition.

Inspiration drawn from the past, especially from the 50’s and 60’s of the last century, takes us into the world of those colors. Muted, saturated red tones, sunny shades of yellow, orange, green and brown - these are the colors of those days. Today we return to them, introducing the new version. Inspired by this style, furniture, fabrics, accessories and decorative elements create an eclectic interior where we easily combine the old and the new with a pinch of imagination.

Colors of Earth

Shades of brown, beige, green, gray and blue are the colors of our planet. We appeal to them when creating interiors for having relax. We intend to feel ourselves in the bosom of nature by surrounding with flowers. However, such interiors should not be monotonous and boring. Here we can find interesting compositions that are based on natural materials, elegant forms of furniture and excellent quality fabrics. Actually, this combination of good design with muted colors and natural materials creates an extremely modern, seasoned and beautiful interior.

Shades of Luxury

The pursuit of comfort in everyday life is an undeniable human dream. In the interiors, this dream is expressed in the choice of furniture, finishing materials and colors that create non-fancy, original compositions. Courage and lack of permissive modesty endue such rooms with a unique atmosphere. The magic of purple, the intimacy of black, the nobility of white and the brilliance of metal surfaces, as well as crystal, are just some of the elements that are inherent for this luxurious space. The charm of such interiors for many years amazes, attracts, fascinates and delights.

The Light Color of the Present

Geometric forms of modern furniture, as well as austere colors are distinctive features of modern interiors. High-tech, durable materials and designs allow you to create interesting, practical and ergonomic shape. Bright, open spaces with maximum decor, are the quintessence of minimalism, comfort and design. There is no place for amazing color combinations. Asceticism of forms is also transferred to the color scheme of the interior. Soft, very light shades or muted colors express restraint, stability and non-randomness of such a composition.

So that sums it up ladies.. Don’t be afraid to express yourself with colors. Don't forget to leave a comment below what you think about our ideas! 


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