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Fall is Here! Great Tips on How to Decorate your Home

November 10 2018

Fall is Here! Great Tips on How to Decorate your Home

Fall is here and at Showhome furniture we are filling our shelves and store space with amazingly fabulous fall finds!!!  Along with all our fall finds you are sure to find a pumpkin here and there because let's be honest, pumpkins are delightful the way that they come in all sizes and shapes-just like all the unique things you can find in our store. There is something so magical about a pumpkin shape no matter how warty it is.

Today I am going to show you a few quick DIY pumpkin craft.

First, find your pumpkins! The wartier the better! I found mine at the local dollar store, craft store and thrift store!

Next get a few supplies from the dollar store. Some jewel stickers, some white glue, the glitter of your choice, some paint, and brushes.

A super simple pumpkin is just to repaint a pumpkin any color you want. I tried blue for some of my warty ones and really loved it. To make it more realistic, paint the whole pumpkin and before it dries rub off all the paint except the paint in the cracks. This really brings out the pumpkins character and can turn a fake cheap looking pumpkin into a classy gorge worthy to grace your home!

Another super simple way to dress up your pumpkin is to use gemstone stickers. You can use these on orange or white pumpkins. Black adds a bit of drama to your pumpkin that goes well with all themes.

You can also paint your pumpkin and then cover it in gemstones!!!

Glitter is a great way to bring sparkle into your fall decor. There are a ton of ways to use glitter. You can use a stencil, you can dip the lower half of a pumpkin in glue and then pour glitter over the glue and let dry. Or you can polka-dot your pumpkin with glitter to bring in some whimsy to your project.


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