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How to use accessories to decorate space

April 13 2019

How to use accessories to decorate space

Hey ladies!

Do you ever wonder how to combine accessories right without making look everything “too much”? Actually, it’s the whole science because numerous factors are taken into consideration. Even your sofa’s cushions must be arranged in the prettiest way. Especially if it’s a holiday season, then some accessories covering the same topic would be just perfect.

A color scheme is really important when designing everything. Non-matching items look a bit out of place. There must be a color to unite them all. Starting with a painting’s frame and ending with linen’s color. Everything should play together in an ideal ensemble.

Next thing to think about is layering the objects. If you want to decorate the place with flowers, you should also add some depth (for example, try using mirrors, candles, old black-and-white photos to outline the whole composition).

Play on contrasting elements and trouble adding some negative space too. This way there will be a small room to breathe, like a transparent vase or some neutral element.

When it comes to the use of accessories, a common “mistake” is regarding them as individual pieces. This is a missed opportunity! By grouping of elements and combining different heights, you create an elegant whole with a wonderful appeal. Additionally, combining forms and structures makes for an interesting picture. Symmetry is important too, but it’s boring. Instead, go for unexpected combinations in terms of prints and colors. Provide an unexpected but balanced combination by coupling busy prints and peaceful prints or different materials and structures in the same color.

Also, consider adding some books, they always serve as the best decorations. For example, if you’re a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings fan, then you can create an amazing composition. Don’t be afraid to boast your collection of books and set it up into a pretty pile or a column. Same rules apply for other things you collect. Just position them in one place and crash your guests with this powerful wow display.

Among other things, you should also consider fashion aspects, textures and patterns, how to correctly vary heights and sizes, how to mix styles without turning into a gaudiness. Adding greenery and flowers is always a win-win decision for every style and design. And also lighting in the room plays not the least role. It can turn the whole picture into something romantic, jolly, gothic or even terrifying. So in this aspect, you need to be extra attentive and make sure to visit our website https://showhome-furniture.com/collections/lighting-lamps to choose something fitting for your décor.

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