Calgary Nest Chairs

Calgary Nest Chairs



#1 CANADIAN CUSTOM NEST CHAIR - 5-star rating.

Calgary nest chair orders are ready in 16-20 weeks depending on the supplier.

Our collection of modern Calgary nest chairs, furniture and accessories has the right fit for any room. From freestanding to paneled, our selection will satisfy any furniture needs.

Showhome represents the latest in modern furniture, including dressers and chests. We travel around the world to bring you exceptional pieces of furniture and accessories at accessible prices. Showhome furniture is dedicated to providing you with the best and latest fashions in the world of Calgary dressers, furniture, and accessories. With a curated selection of high quality international designers, Showhome Furniture aims to provide you with the best products at the most competitive prices. Showhome’s famous nest chair is sure to provide lots of family cuddling time! It comes in over 200 different fabrics and two sizes: 44” and 59”.

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Our Top FAQ's

Where is Showhome Furniture located?

Showhome Furniture is conveniently located in North Hill Centre (former SEARS building). Our store provides a large selection of beautiful custom furniture to fit your unique style and comfort needs. For more information, including our exact address and store hours, please visit this link contact our customer service team.

How does delivery work at Showhome Furniture?

At Showhome Furniture, we aim to provide a seamless delivery experience. After you've made a purchase and chose to have it delivered, we'll arrange a convenient delivery date and time with you. Our dedicated team and partner delivery services ensures that your furniture is carefully transported and delivered to your home. Please note that delivery fees may vary based on your location. If you want to learn more about our delivery, click here.

How can I place an order for custom furniture in Calgary?

To order custom furniture, you can visit our huge showroom at North Hill Centre. You can also call, email or send us a message of your requirements. You Contact Us here. Here, you can discuss your needs with our expert designers, choose your preferred materials, colors, and sizes, and place your order. Showhome Furniture offer free interior design consultation to help you make your idea into a reality. Book your design consultation here.

What materials are used in the making of Canadian nest chairs?

Nest chairs made in Canada are typically crafted from domestically sourced, sustainable materials of superior quality. The furniture is made of Canadian hardwood for the frame, high-density foam for comfort, and eco-friendly fabrics for the upholstery. Canadian craftsmanship places a significant emphasis on sustainability and durability, although the specific materials used may differ depending on the manufacturer.

How are Canadian nest chairs different from other similar furniture pieces?

Canadian nest chairs are known for their unique combination of superior craftsmanship, exceptional comfort, and innovative design. The chairs are made by hand and designed to provide a comfortable and snug feeling. The furniture pieces being referred to are often designed with a round or oval shape, which provides users with a comfortable space to curl up in. The pieces have a uniquely Canadian character due to the use of locally-sourced materials.

Are Canadian nest chairs customizable?

Yes. Canadian manufacturers of nest chairs provide customization options for their customers. When selecting a product, you will usually have the option to choose from a range of fabrics, colors, and finishes. Certain chair manufacturers offer the option to customize the dimensions or design elements of the chair to ensure it fits precisely in your desired space. To understand the customization options available, it is recommended to check with the specific manufacturer.

How do I care for my Canadian nest chair?

To properly care for your nest chair, it is important to consider the specific materials it is made of. To prevent fading, it is recommended to avoid exposing the chair to direct sunlight for extended periods. Regular vacuuming can help keep the fabric looking good and lasting longer. To effectively address spills, it is recommended to promptly clean the affected area using a fabric cleaner that is recommended for the specific type of fabric. It is important to consult the care guide provided by the manufacturer for specific instructions on how to care for the product.