“I love buying CANADIAN made furniture. SHOWHOME came to my home and redesigned my place! It looks gorgeous! I love this CANADIAN family business!”

Sarah Jenkins, Calgary

"I bought this CANADIAN custom nest chair and absolutely love it! SHOWHOME came to my home and decorated my whole living/kitchen area! They transformed the space! I totally support this family business and am proud to buy CANADIAN MADE products. Shipping, design and price was perfect!”

Tracy Macaula Victoria

"I cannot say enough good about this CANADIAN company! SHOWHOME has designed and decorated our huge Retreat Center! They made us a CUSTOM CANADIAN SECTIONAL that seats 21 people. Almost all my home is full of their furniture. I love my bed from them as well! Shipping was fast, design was fantastic and the family is beyond amazing! We love shopping local!”

Bob Pringle, Sidney

"SHOWHOME renovated, designed and staged my whole home! They were beyond amazing! We love supporting a CANADIAN company! And love their CANADIAN CUSTOM FURNITURE! 5 STARS!”

Charlette, Alberta


Thanks to your patronage, SHOWHOME is able to give back to our community and abroad.