2021 Trend: Textured Walls
2021 Trend: Textured Walls

March 02 2021

2021 Trend: Textured Walls

Ladies and gents! I know that looking through so many design tips and tricks can be challenging and tiring at times! There are so many looks on the Internet that say, "this is the NEWEST design." It seriously can become overwhelming. Today, I'm not here to overwhelm you; I am here to help you develop a design look that you love.

I know that we have all been staying in our house a lot longer during quarantine than we used to. So, I don't blame anybody who thinks to themselves, "I need a new look to my room." Here are three steps on how you can pick the perfect design look for you.

Step one. Pick your look. If you are into the Bohemian look. Suppose you are into the more elegant side of things. If you like more of a minimalistic look etc. These are all beautiful looks. I would start with picking what kind of look you want to portray in your home design. Maximizing it down to one look will help you be less confused and give you a clearer picture of what you want it to look like. 

Step 2: After you have picked your look, the next step is to start portraying that in your room. So, you start adding those elements that make the room look beautiful. Elements such as artwork, carpets, curtains, cushions. All of these items will help give your room the look you want. Just make sure these elements tie together. Make sure they all match the look you want.

Step 3: Love your room! By the end of your designing adventure, the biggest step is to make sure you love your room! Make sure it exceeds the look you wanted it to. If you feel something is missing, maybe try putting a family photo up a family heirloom by adding a piece of you and your family into a room that makes a house turn into a home. 

Well, there you have it! I hope that these three easy tips helped you to get creative and see that it is not that hard to re-design your room. 

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