5 Marvellous Ways To Use Modern Design In Your Home
5 Marvellous Ways To Use Modern Design In Your Home

April 22 2021

5 Marvellous Ways To Use Modern Design In Your Home

Modern design has simple clean lines that are comfortable and cozy. It is not limited to a specific style or era and can be used in any house. Today Showhome furniture is going to give you five awesome tips from our highend designers to help you incorporate modern design in your home.

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First, be smart and save yourself time and money by booking a free 1-hour design consultation from our amazing designers. We love helping our customers work with their existing furniture and spaces to create a beautiful home. During your consultation, we will go over these 5 elements of Modern design and help you use them in your home.

Use Neutral Paint Colors For Walls!

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In modern design, the colors used on the wall are calming and neutral. These neutral wall colors immediately brings peace to a room and enlarges the space to make it feel more expansive. Shades of grey and white works good.

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Use Industrial Materials!

The modern design style was born during the advancement of industrial materials such as steel, glass, and concrete. For this reason, these elements are used often in the modern design homes and in the furniture and accessories that you use.

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Declutter Your House

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The modern look is famous for it's clean and uncluttered room and spaces. This includes your countertops, walls, mantel and other visible surfaces and area's in your home. With modern design, less is more and so trinkets and accessories are very limited.

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Use Bold Art

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With neutral wall colors, modern design allows for bright bold colors art pieces to bring interest to your spaces and invite you in. Using primary colors is common for art on the wall and in rugs.

Use Simple Streamline Furniture

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One of the most important elements of modern design is the simple streamline furniture. The wonderful thing about modern furniture is that there are so many different types of streamline furniture that you have a ton of choices and options.

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If you want to learn more about how to incorporate more modern elements in your home but just don't know how to do it, give Showhome furniture a call and book your free 1-hour design consultation today!