6 Ways To Enjoy Rustic Decor In Your Home

March 29 2021

6 Ways To Enjoy Rustic Decor In Your Home

One of my favorite decorating styles is Rustic design. Rustic does not mean old and worn out, it means fresh, solidly made and very comfortable. Rustic design is one of those decorating styles that allow people to really feel comfortable with living in it. If you are like me, and sometimes a little confused how to incorporate Rustic design in your home without making it feel old, come into Showhome Furniture or give us a call for a free one-hour consultation from our top designers at Showhome Furniture in Calgary.

One of the beautiful things about Rustic design is that it draws inspiration from nature using wood, stone and plants. Rustic design includes accessories from the outdoor and relishes in rooms that are spacious, and uses wood beams or reclaimed wood for shelves, or flooring.

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Just because you love the Rustic style, you do not need to feel like everything in your home needs to be Rustic. Many design styles incorporate rustic accessories or furniture because of the earthy cozy feeling it brings.

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Today we are going to talk about 6 different ways that you can incorporate some rustic elements to any home.

One of the key elements of Rustic design is using natural material. At Showhome Furniture we have an abundance of different lines of furniture made from solid wood. Solid wood is well made and lasts longer than manufactured wood furniture. My sister has a table that is about 15 years old and so solid that it will likely outlive her.

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Using something that is handmade is a wonderful way of including the rustic into your home. This can be done through a feature wall, accessories, or furniture. I have seen weathered barn wood used successfully turned into shelves or laundry counters with charming ease. If you are a DIYer you likely will love creating your own accessory to add to your home.

In rustic homes, neutral colors on walls are key. This does not mean just beige or whites. You can use darker colors, just stick to an earthy pallet.

When buying furniture in Calgary, think comfortable. The rustic style loves the large comfy armchair or extra pillows on the couches. Large heavy furniture is welcome in rustic design.

Rustic homes have a variety of textures and layers in order to catch your eye and help you feel at home. The textures are mostly created by natural material like wool, wicker, wood and stone.

Repurposed accessories are a must and easy to find. Whether you use lights created from jars, or driftwood for the base of a table it doesn’t matter, each is perfect!

If you are needing any more advice on how to add some rustic touches to your home, give us a call and book a one-hour free consultation from our top designers.

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