Creating A Stunning Master Bedroom!
Creating A Stunning Master Bedroom!

September 18 2020

Creating A Stunning Master Bedroom!

Whether you are staging, your home for sale or simply decorating for you and your family, one of the most important rooms you can focus on is the master bedroom.  Sometimes we put this room at the end of our to-do list, concentrating on the public spaces of our home first.   But our souls crave an area of beauty and order.  By making your master bedroom a priority, you give yourself an oasis - just the tool you need to finish the other parts of your home.

As the inner sanctuary of your home, your bedroom and should be a place of peace and rejuvenation.     In the relaxing atmosphere of a well-designed bedroom, you can reconnect with who and what matters the most.  You can recharge and refresh. If you are having trouble turning your master bedroom into this oasis, give Showhome Furniture a call. We love helping our customers with their designing needs and offer a free one-hour design consultation with our top designers.

Your bed should be cozy and well-structured to give you the night’s sleep you need to handle your busy days.  Enticing, easy-care bedding helps, as does a well-structured mattress big enough for you and your partner (and whatever little people might make their way to your room in the night).   If possible, there should be plenty of natural light, and adequate artificial lighting, too.  Even if you like waking up to a darkened room, there is nothing quite like the lift you get from opening blinds or curtains and letting sunlight flood your space.

Furnishing your bedroom should be fun and purposeful.  For your furniture,  rather than simply utilizing castoffs from other places in the home, choose pieces that are both beautiful and practical, ones that will not only help maintain order but will tell some of your story.  Once the main items are in place, consider choosing accessories, maybe whimsical and playful, that delight you and that you want to wake up to each morning.

Properly designed and decorated, your bedroom should remind you daily of the things that are really important in life and offer you a place of refreshment, a place that will welcome you at the end of the day.  By investing time to create a space where you can rest, dream, plan, giggle together and create bonds, you will enjoy your bedroom more and feel more connected to it. 

Sleeping in your bed can make you feel cozy and relax. How warm you feel in a room relies on where you are, despite the fact that air temperature is the similar throughout. You will experience a warm ambiance if you place yourself nearer to the interior of the room for the reason that freezing external surfaces are further away. So consider placing your bed or chair next to an internal wall.

Maximize sunlight with banks of windows added to the south side of your bed to absorb the most light and warmth daily. On the north side of the bedroom, windows need to be minimal. Each position differs in terms of glazing, so talk to your contractor to get advice on the specifics of your own bedroom ideas.

Another substantial determining factor for a well design space is utilizing it for your own comfort and satisfaction. Master bedrooms have to be of good size with spa-like functions such as a Jacuzzi to conquer the weather and give a romantic setup for couples.

If you have any questions on what you can do to create an amazing master bedroom, give Showhome Furniture a call and book your one-hour free design consultation. furniture stores calgary