Father's Day Gifts 2023 Dad Will Love for Style and Comfort
Thoughtful Father's Day Gifts Dad Will Actually Love for Style and Comfort

June 08 2023

Thoughtful Father's Day Gifts Dad Will Actually Love for Style and Comfort

Father's Day is a special occasion dedicated to honouring fathers and celebrating their contributions to our lives. When choosing a gift for this meaningful day, it is crucial to opt for something that reflects your love, appreciation and your father's unique personality. While items like personalized t-shirts, cologne or special dinners may seem practical, they often lack lasting significance and sentimental value. Make your dad's day truly special this year with furniture, a meaningful and popular gift for father's day that stands out as an exceptional choice to express your love and appreciation.


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Why Furniture Makes a Great Father's Day Gift

Durability and Longevity

Furniture is built to withstand daily use and is designed to be durable. Unlike many other father's day gifts that may break or lose their charm over time, but furniture stands the test of time. By giving your father a piece of furniture, you are providing him with something that will serve him as a comfortable ally for years to come, reminding him of your love and thoughtfulness.


Lasting Value

Whether it's a modern design or contemporary, furniture holds an inherent value that can be passed down through generations. These thoughtful and meaningful father's day gifts will serve as a constant reminder of your love for your dad every time he uses them.


Personalization and Customization

What makes furniture truly special is the ability to personalize and customize it according to your dad's taste. From selecting the perfect upholstery to choosing a specific wood finish, customization options add flair and uniqueness, making the gift truly heartfelt and special for your father.


The Most Popular Father's Day Gift Ideas for 2023

Give your dad a gift that will make the special day truly memorable. Here are some handpicked suggestions to spark your inspiration:


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Custom Leather Power Recliner Chair is the perfect thoughtful Father's Day gift for a dad who deserves ultimate comfort and style in his relaxation time. 


  • Give the gift of both comfort and style with the 3450P Custom Leather Power Recliner Chair, making it effortless for your dad to fully enjoy his time at home.
  • This Canadian-made masterpiece offers the ultimate relaxation experience, where he can snuggle in and enjoy his favourite shows on Netflix in unparalleled comfort.
  • Experience optimal support and softness with semi-attached pillow backs.
  • With high curved armrests, he can even indulge in blissful naps without any worries about neck discomfort.

Order one today and let this chair do all the work to provide him with relaxation like never before!



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Como Accent Chair is a trendy Father's Day gift for dads who enjoy relaxing in a casual and easygoing setting after a long day. Imagine your dad cozily nestled in this chair, engrossed in a captivating book, sipping a warm drink, and basking in the relaxing ambience it provides.


  • Its fully padded track arm design and deep seating comfort make it perfect for unwinding after a long day.
  • The coil spring seat cores with feather and down provide a luxurious "sink-in" feel that will make your dad never want to leave.
  • The waterproof leather upholstery adds a touch of rustic charm while being practical and easy to clean.
  • Overall, the Como accent chair is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a cosy and low-key seating option.

Order one today and let this chair take charge, providing your dad with a level of tranquility he has never experienced before!




Mouttrie Power Recliner Chair is a highly recommended stylish furniture gift for fathers, the perfect way to complement your dad's taste and elevate the overall comfort of his living area.


  • This power recliner is not only sleek in smoke gray but also incredibly cozy with its plush soft finish.
  • Imagine your dad kicking back, fully reclined, with the best view of his favorite shows thanks to the power-adjustable headrest.
  • Plus, no more hassle of getting up to charge devices—the built-in USB ports in the power controls have got you covered.
  • It gives your dad's living area a stylish upgrade.

Don't settle for an ordinary recliner, surprise your dad with the Mouttrie Power Recliner Chair in Calgary. Allow it to transform your dad's space into a haven of serenity, delivering an unparalleled level of peacefulness he has yet to encounter!




Portia Upholstered Bed is an excellent Father's Day gift idea for the furniture enthusiast dad who finds solace in the magic of starry nights and appreciates a stylish sleep environment.


  • The weathered gray finish adds a rustic and vintage charm, while the clean lines and upholstered headboard bring a modern and refined touch.
  • The soft and comfortable fabric upholstery on the headboard enhances the overall comfort of the bed.
  • With the Portia bed, your dad will have a perfect retreat to rest and recharge, it's a fantastic choice for adding sophistication and class to your dad's bedroom.

Treat your dad to the gift of a stylish Portia bed, where he can experience the perfect blend of relaxation and refinement at the end of each day.





Custom Gray Leather Sectional is an ideal gift for social dads who love to entertain and create a stylish and comfortable space for their guests.


  • The 3795 leather sectional in grey, is the epitome of quality and style.
  • Crafted with a solid wood frame, this genuine leather sectional in Calgary is built to last.
  • Customize the configuration and upholstery to match your preferences from a selection of over 200 fabric and leather options.
  • It's a worthy investment that will bring both comfort and sophistication to your dad's living space.

With Custom Gray Leather Sectional treat him to a gift that exudes durability, versatility, and timeless elegance.


How to Choose the Perfect Furniture as a Unique Gift For Your Dad?

We highly recommend you consider the following factors when choosing furniture as father's day gifts:

Consider Dad's Interests and Hobbies - Think about your father's hobbies and interests. Is he an avid reader who would appreciate a cozy reading chair? Does he enjoy spending time watching his favourite shows and would benefit from comfortable custom-made sofas and sectionals? Understanding his interests will help you select something that aligns with his passions.

Think About your Father's personal style and preferences - Observe your father's existing furniture and decor to get an idea. Does he lean towards modern and minimalist designs, or does he appreciate more traditional and classic aesthetics? Consider the colors, materials, and overall look that would complement his existing space.

Assessing comfort requirements - When shopping for comfortable furniture gifts for dad, consider ergonomic features and comfort levels. Make sure to evaluate factors such as cushioning, back support, and size suitability to ensure the perfect fit. See and feel the furniture in person., assess the quality, comfort, and aesthetics firsthand.

Determine the available space - Before selecting furniture for your dad's home or office, take a moment to measure the available space, and ensure a perfect fit that doesn't overcrowd the room. Also, think about any specific needs he may have, like extra storage or ergonomic features, to make sure the furniture choice meets his requirements. Talk with our famous interior designers and get advice for your home design consultation in Calgary.

Budget considerations - When choosing furniture as father's day gifts for dad, consider your budget and explore unique options that offer both quality and affordability. Check out Father's Day furniture deals and discounts to save more. Talk to our knowledgeable staff to get personalized recommendations and assistance.


Choosing the Best Furniture Gift for your Dad can be Fun

Struggling to find the perfect thoughtful gift? At Showhome Furniture, our dedicated team is committed to offering a comprehensive shopping experience for your entire home. Browse or stop by our locally-owned Calgary Furniture Store to discover unique furniture collections with personalization options. Shop high-quality pieces at affordable prices, and enjoy free design consultations and exceptional customer service. This Father's Day, go beyond the conventional gifts and surprise your dad with a furniture gift that offers longevity, lasting value, and practicality.