How to Fix Trouble Spots on Your Lawn
How to Fix Trouble Spots on Your Lawn

August 23 2018

How to Fix Trouble Spots on Your Lawn

How to Fix Trouble Spots on Your Lawn
Having a beautiful yard is just as important as a beautiful home inside, especially in the summer time! But what about when patches of grass go brown and gross? Here are four easy steps to fixing those trouble spots on your lawn.
What You'll Need:
  • Rake
  • Dirt
  • Fertilized grass seed
  • Sprinkler
1) Rake Out the Moss
Rake out the leaves, moss, and dead grass to open up as much dirt space as possible. This clears up the ground for new, healthy grass to grow.
2) Dust the Dirt
Think of it like sprinkling a cake with chocolate shavings. You don't have to lay it down thick. Just have a thin layer sprinkled all over the trouble spot.
3) Plant the Seeds
Take your grass seed and sprinkle it over the loose dirt. The best kind of grass seed to get is the kind that has fertilizer added to it, as the cheaper stuff usually doesn't work for fixing trouble spots.
4) Keep Well Watered
The best way to keep your spot well watered is to put a sprinkler down that can water it regularly. If your patch gets dry, you could lose your chance on getting the beautiful, green grass you are hoping for. If you don't want to get a sprinkler, watering it yourself with a hose does work but just be willing to put in the extra time.
After about a week, you'll see that the grass is starting to grow! After about two to three weeks, you will have a thick carpet of luscious lawn! You can then add beautiful outdoor furniture or decor to your yard as bonus. Showhome Furniture have hundreds of Calgary outdoor items on display.