Learn How to Style a Sofa or a Sectional
Learn How to Style a Sofa or a Sectional

October 17 2019

Learn How to Style a Sofa or a Sectional

Hello ladies!
It’s Shay here, with SHOWHOME FURNITURE. We have been busy staging the huge showroom up for winter! It’s all about pillows pillows and more more pillows!

I’m so excited to share with you some simple tips and tricks for styling your new or old sofa! It is a great time because it’s winter! And winter time is my favorite to decorate. You are able to layer up your sofa with cozy throws, furs and beautiful pillows!



First things first, create your favorite color palette. You can take our sectional color as an inspiration to your design.

Or jump-off point, and create a higher-end look by allowing colors to flow into each other gently. For an elegant yet enticing look, you may use neutral tan and linen colors that naturally flow together. Then weave in the bolder hues or incorporate blues or subtle mauves, not using more than five colors.


Start with the back corner of the sectional and put your biggest pillow there. The ideal 24" inch pillow will give a layer in the front of your couch! But if the size seems overwhelming, then we'll place a 22" inch pillow on both ends of the sectional.

Create layers in the corner of the sofa with shorter pillows. You can also add more 22" pillows, 20" pillows, and even some lumbars to make the most of each corner.

If you love to add an eclectic feel on the couch, grab the best pillows from our store. The key is to play with scale, texture, and pattern, we'll walk you through to get the best finish. We so much to give you, from the touches of prints, fringe, and other materials you may want to add on your sofa.

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And for the final touch, adding a throw will surely give the space a lived-in feel, and provides an element of comfort.

To get the best rug size, make sure the front legs sit on the rug - you don't want the sectional to feel as if it's falling off the mat! You can also apply the same principle when deciding the size of the coffee table. Let it lay in the box your sectional creates, keeping all legs on the rug.

I’m very excited to see what you created this winter! Send us of your styled sofa for a chance to win $100! We choose winners weekly!

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