How to Take a Break as a Busy Woman
How to Take a Break as a Busy Woman

October 15 2020

How to Take a Break as a Busy Woman

Hello sweet ladies out there. Listen up, we all know you’re the best when it comes to accomplishing 101 things in a day. But Unfortunately, if you aren’t careful, you will burn out. With 2021 set to be an even busier year than normal, it’s even more important to take a break when you can.

Every woman out there needs the gift of a break! So, whether you have no kids, little kids, or school aged kid, I have a few tips for every woman out there to get that needed break. 


First things first, find yourself a solid day or two where you can completely clear your schedule. Save your tasks for later and reschedule your appointments. If all you have is the weekend, then save your tasks for a different weekend, I promise it will be worth it. Next, find a down time activity. What will give you the feeling of rest and rejuvenation?
Is it reading a book book on you favorite Showhome Furniture NEST CHAIR 😜

Maybe you are the kind of woman who relaxes doing dishes, and folding laundry? Or do you just need a solid nap? Maybe it’s a good long hike, a spa day, or a pop into Showhome Furniture. Find your blissful activity. Giving yourself some “you time” will eliminate your chance of burn out, and keep you going when it’s time to get back to your duties and responsibilities.


Week days are your friend! Pick a day or two to eliminate your obligations. Get those kids off to school and then get your mother, mother-in-law, or friend to take them after school. Hire a babysitter to watch them at home if that works better so you can get out and have a full kid free day. 

There is no shame in asking for help! Every woman needs it. And again, find your bliss. What activity will help you relax and recover? If you’re a shopaholic like me, then drop your kids off in Showhome Furniture’s kid center while you shop for cute furniture. 


I so get how hard it can be to find a moment to yourself when you have little ones at home. As precious and perfect as they are, you need a break. If you have the luxury of family around to help, then go to them first. Pack a days worth of formula or pumped milk for your baby, and a bunch of snacks and activities for your toddler. Then, split the kids between family members so you don’t overwhelm them with both.

If you aren’t as fortunate to have close family or friends you’re comfortable asking help from, hire a babysitter to tend to the kids for a few hours. You may not be able to take a full day or two away from them, but you can have lots of moments in the day. Nap times are your best friend! 

And if funds are tight then while your baby is napping, give your toddlers some special activities to do while you enjoy some “you time”.
Rest on the couch with a magazine, or enjoy some ice cream and Netflix. 


I hope these tips and suggestions help! You ladies deserve a break! How have you been able to find time for a break amidst your busy schedules? Leave a comment below. 

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