In Calgary: Living Room Ideas
In Calgary: Living Room Ideas

January 12 2016

In Calgary: Living Room Ideas

Even in those homes with a additional family gathering spaces, a living room can fill many functions and should be decorated to enhance its variety of uses. Often, it’s the first place guests see and should be a great introduction to the rest of your home, setting a foundation for your particular style.


Calgary Living Room

Living Room Design Ideas 


Calgary Living room

Ideas To Consider In Your Living Room Design

  • Proper mixing of textures and patterns can be a striking success when you follow a simple color palette. You can’t go wrong with a themed or even an all-white space. However, bring in some variety of textures to stop the feeling of being inside a hospital.
  • Place your sofa under a large window allowing sunlight and outdoor mood be the center point of an otherwise neutral spot.
  • Insert a character into your space with dynamic hues and trendy secondhand finds. Along with your sectional sofa or other major upholstered pieces, add vintage finds like bits of architectural salvage or cabinets of reclaimed wood for a more intriguing blend of old and new.
  • Present tradition with a twist. At Showhome Furniture we carry many unique pieces that can establish the mood and style of a room. Try the OLSEN corner seat, THE TABACCO couch, RIO COOL armchair and HILTON loveseat and instantly you set a direction for the rest of the room.


Calgary Living Room
Achieve some drama by adding inexpensive art pieces. Give a random variety of artwork a museum-worthy approach by hanging them collectively on one wall. Update accessories with a few new components each season to give your room a fresh look.


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