Inside Our Home: Showhome Furniture Family
Inside Our Home: Showhome Furniture Family

December 21 2018

Inside Our Home: Showhome Furniture Family


Welcome to our home everyone. We love Christmas so much, it’s our favourite time of year. We get to cuddle down turn the fire on we get books and drink lots of hot cocoa!

Christmas in Calgary

We hope that you are having fun getting ready for Christmas have you already decorated.

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Sometimes decorating for Christmas can be such a daunting task. I have found is to invite a few other friends and family members over.

Put on the Christmas music, get out the hot cocoa and let them help you decorate your tree. Have fun dance around the tree and enjoy this season


Not getting overwhelmed at Christmas time begins with starting early. I do not decorate my home all at one time. I take time and decorate each little area of my home. 

I like to go outside and collect real greenery for my bannister and all my mantles. I do use fake greenery to supplement my bannister and mantles and then I put the real greenery on top of it with lots of white Christmas lights. 

Calgary Sofas

Then I fill it in with whichever decor theme I am doing for that year. Have a fun decorating for Christmas it is such a magical time of year and does not have to be rushed. 

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My kids delight in waking up each morning and looking around the house to see what new magical Christmas scene I’ve recreated.
Just be creative, enjoy the gift of Christmas.

TIP THREE: Embrace the chaos of the Season

Don’t be afraid to invite people over no matter what your house looks like at Christmas time.

Calgary Living Room

We are all so busy buying presents and going to Christmas activities that sometimes we can neglect our home.

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But do not let a little mess and Christmas wrapping paper deter you from inviting over someone in need, a friend or a family member.

Calgary Dining Table

At Christmas be adventurous, go along with the activities and just let the chaos fall like the driven snow. 

TIP 4 Remember what Christmas is all about.

Whatever that means personally to you and stick to what it really means. You set the tone of your home.

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When you are centered in what CHRISTMAS is then you can go about creating it for your family and loved ones!

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Stay tuned for more TIPS as we help you thru this most wonderful time of year!

As a little gift we’ll be giving away a $50 coupon to one lucky commenter!