My Experience with Showhome's Interior Design Services
My Experience with Showhome's Interior Design Services

July 22 2020

My Experience with Showhome's Interior Design Services

My name is Jenny. I live in rural ALBERTA with my hubby and kids!

My life was feeling way overwhelming. Money is tight. And with me working from home, kids being home because of Covid, and my hubby working out of the house I was never able to keep everything in place, let alone my mind.

Showhome furniture announced a $3000 DESIGN CONSULT AND MAKE-OVER! My hubby secretly entered us! And completely out of the blue we WON! Tears of joy were shed as we have never owned new furniture.

All of a sudden I felt a dark cloud had lifted finally we could get rid of our old super used sofa set! I felt a renewed joy to tidy up and start organizing my house in preparation of our new furniture!

Imagine my surprise when a week before our furniture came the Showhome owner called me to see how I was doing. I was so excited! She jumped on a call with me and did a virtual design consult. She listened to me, reached out to me and gave me hope that I could actually have a beautiful space. She said, “even if it’s one room at a time!” She also reminded me the importance of having our BEDROOM as a special place for MOM/DAD and it didn’t need to be the LAUNDRY PIT!

Embarrassed she asked for photos. 

We were sleeping on the floor with an old love seat and kids laundry everywhere! 

She offered suggestions and was very respectful of my space, our lack of budget at this time and our design dreams.

She let me pick out the carpet that I wanted and the vibe. She also carefully choose wipeable sofas knowing I had small children.

My hubby drove the 3 hours up to CALGARY to pick up our new LIVING ROOM! 

Imagine my surprise when they loaded him up for a surprise KING BED (our days of sleeping on the floor are over!).

We feel like real adults, lol!

Anyways, so when the furniture arrived I was confused how to set it up. Shay, the designer got someone to come over and stage it all! 

I sat back in awe! 

The kindness and love to choose furniture we loved and worked for our life-style was amazing!

I have never met Shay, one of the owners but I know this company has the most generous hearts!

For all those out there like me who kinda don’t believe they will ever win I say GIVE IT A TRY! MIRACLES HAPPEN! 



Jennie and Rory, rural Alberta 

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