Quick Tips For Staging Your House
Quick Tips For Staging Your House

February 15 2019

Quick Tips For Staging Your House

Hello lovelies! 

We love staging houses! And we want to share with you some of our TOP SECRETS for successful staging!

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Did you know that staging your home increases your chances of selling it by 20%...or so they say!😘

When it comes to staging a house think: SPEED DATING! Clients will likely be looking at 4-5 houses at once so you need yours to stand out from the rest! Remember your dating days: lipstick, perfume and heels, you gotta show your best self :) Let’s go ladies!


Whether you live in BC or Calgary think curb appeal! In the summer time fresh baskets and tropical plants outside. In our lovely snowy Calgary weather planters filled with faux cedars work great with a faux wreath on the door. I like hanging a piece of metal art and a nice wooden chair with a waterproof pillow on it. A lantern with a candle is a nice touch. 

Make sure all outside shoes and mess is cleaned up (of course😉)


Console from SHOWHOME, credit: @42_design.. click here to find UNIQUE new arrivals. (https://showhome-furniture.com/collections/new-arrival-bramble)

 Here’s my personal ABC secret list for front foyers. 

A) Green plant (faux or real) in a chunky basket or cement planter.
B) Nice sideboard staged with candles, a few books or a lamp.
C) A nice piece of art or a large round mirror. I love round mirrors these days and I think they are here to stay for awhile. Mirrors instantly open up the space and lighten it up. Plus, a fresh area rug. 



We all love a good gallery wall. (I personally have a few in my house) but for staging no personal pics. You want clients to picture themselves in your home. Not be checking out pics of you!
Use your shelves to display non-personal accessories and faux plants...but don’t over-do it! I love these shelves we sell for staging. 

**A good trick is to have a dark bin in your closet (so clients can’t see in it, mark it SEASONAL) so when the realtor calls at the last minute you can quickly throw all dirty dishes, underwear 😜 and who knows what else in that bin so your house looks clean. 


Ok, this may sound weird but we all have a unique smell in our home either from the kids, pets or food we eat. Although we love pets you don’t want your house to smell like your pet.🐶 Make sure your pet bed, pet smells and messes are 100% put away. Same goes for kids toys and cute artwork.

Run thru your house as soon as the realtor calls and double check everything. I would grab the spray and make sure your house smells fresh and breezy. 
And don’t forget to pop in some cookies. Right before you run out the back door leave some fresh cookies on a wooden or ceramic cute tray with a little sign that says: ‘help yourself’ (I’d just keep frozen cookies already rolled out in the freezer so you are prepared.🍪) 


Napoleon chair from SHOWHOME. Photo credit @decorating_life

OK, so this is the most obvious right? You’d be surprised at how many home owners don’t understand how important this is. It usually takes several weeks to do this part. So make sure you give yourself plenty of time.

I go through every single cupboard, drawer and room in my house. I wash the walls, baseboards, windows and windowsills. If your baseboards are in bad condition it doesn’t take long to quickly paint them white again. Sometimes it’s easier just to paint them white instead of cleaning them, LOL.

Stage each room. This is one of our most popular custom beds in our showroom. It is perfect as a SHOW-STOPPER, I would reserve it for the master bedroom.

 Put on lots of pillows...4-8!!! Sounds a lot, but think LUXURY. 

And make sure the bed looks amazing! 

Bed from Showhome, photo credit @showhomegirls

 Your furniture doesn’t have to be new just make sure it’s clean and pillows placed nicely. But, just saying if you need new furniture this is one of my top picks at our showroom. It’s feathered filled and custom. Who knows your new home-buyer may want to buy all the furniture as well! 


 I remember one time I was with a realtor who was showing me a house and I was so surprised at how messy and full of clutter the home was.

And what shocked me more was when the realtor started snapping pics so he could list it on MLS. Like, come on, no one wants their messy house listed on MLS. Another helpful hint is to buy a bunch of tuber-ware clear containers. And then go to your house and decide what you can give away, what needs to go into the garbage and what you still want to keep. The stuff that you are unsure of put in clear large Tupperware containers,  label and stack them neatly in the garage. This way your house will look nice and clean and empty of personal stuff but you haven’t had to go through the emotional drama of getting rid of everything yet. (I personally use this trick in my own house when we vacation rental it out.)



I cannot over-state this key element :) Make your home look cozy. For example: the front entrance could have a basket with some slippers in it. The living room could have some fake logs by the gas fireplace with several throws rolled nicely into a wicker basket. On the kitchen counter you could make a hot cocoa bar with some fresh chocolate chip cookies.
Turn on some candles throughout your house. 


1. Make sure all your windows are completely clean and blinds pulled up curtains drawn nicely to the sides of your window letting in as much natural light as possible. 
2. In the bathroom I like to buy white fluffy towels that I use only for staging and hang up a nice white robe that you’ve never used. I also like to put a basket with soaps and scrubs and rolled up towels by the jetted tub. Make sure your shower and your bathroom is spotless.
3. Also, adding real or fake green plants throughout the house is a must in my books for staging. 
Fig trees are very popular right now palm trees, snake plants,  anything that is tropical looking is trending heavily right now. 
Put the plants in wicker baskets or cement planters.
4. All artwork should be hung about 64 inches from the ground up. The easiest way to hang your artwork is the middle of the painting should be about eye-level.
5. Add throws, like our Pom-Pom or chunky merino wool throw and pillows to your space! That reminds me of our BLOG GIVE-AWAY... 

I really hope this helps you sell your house fast! Have fun with the process. Think of it 
as an opportunity to get your family to clean up the house with you! My kids think our house is constantly getting re-staged so they have to keep it clean. 
I’d love to see your pics once your done :) 
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