Three family fun games to play while in quarantine!
Three family fun games to play while in quarantine!

May 11 2021

Three family fun games to play while in quarantine!

The sock game!

RULES: Start by getting socks for all the members in your family! Put the socks on and count to ten, then let everybody go after each other to try to take off their opponent's socks! This game is excellent, and everyone will have a blast! I guarantee that everyone in the room will be laughing by the time the game is over :)

Bum charades

RULES: Start by having someone stand in the middle of the room, allow them to pick from a blow full of letters to act out. Allow them to choose an alphabet and let the fun begin! I know this sounds funny, but trust me, you'll have a blast!

As the person tries to use their bum to display their letter, try to guess what it is! 


Fruit bowl 

Rules: Start by sitting everyone down in a circle, putting one person in the middle, let them call a fruit. 

Give everyone a fruit name like banana, orange, apple, kiwi. 

When the person in the middle says a fruit, all the people with the fruit name jump up and find a spot different from the one they started in. There should always be one person left over to stand in the middle. If you want to make everyone move, you can say fruit bowl, and everyone must find a new spot! This game is super fun and is sure to bring smiles to all, have fun

What is your family's all-time favorite game? Share it with us down below on the comment section so we too can try it out! 

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  • Mary: September 29, 2021

    This is all so fun! I like the first one, the sock game. I will share this and play this with my family. Thanks for the idea.

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