Three unique tips to display pampas grass!
Three unique tips to display pampas grass!

May 06 2021

Three unique tips to display pampas grass!

When the pampas grass first arrived at ShowhomeFurniture, I couldn't get enough of it! The dried flower trend is one that I absolutely adore because it never dies! As I’ve gotten to understand the textures and play around with it, I am completely addicted to it and just can’t get enough! 

First tip: I found that pampas grass looks fantastic in a big vase. The vase draws attention to the pampas grass and elevates it in a way that sets the pampas grass looking refined and elegant! 

The second way to make the plant look unique is by giving it some height. By using different types of pampas grass, you gain texture, height, and style! 

The last tip is to add colour with dried flowers from your local floral shop to add shades and tones to elevate, brighten and lift the colourful arrangement.

Let us know in the comment section below how you decorate your pampas grass in your space? Share with us your personal tips!

Oh! We do have tons of pampas grass in the store that we'd love you to see. We have beautiful interior setups all around the store with it. Come visit us at North Hill Centre- 1616 14th Ave NW Calgary and get inspired!