Why Living in a Freezing Cold Place is Good for Your Marriage!

February 13 2018

Why Living in a Freezing Cold Place is Good for Your Marriage!

Why Living in a Freezing Cold Place is Good for Your Marriage!

Okay, so you might be wondering exactly what your marriage has to do with furniture but let me assure you it can have a lot to do with it. And I am going to give you some great tips on furnishing your Master Bedroom in a Cold Climate which has everything to do with your marriage!!

So first off, when it’s cold at night you spend more time snuggling your loved ones! Did you know that in the olden days husbands and wives would do what was called ‘bundling’? When it got cold they’d both snuggle up tight into a blanket and sleep. Lets just say lots of babies were a result of all that bundling. So move over and invite your loved one to snuggle up!

Okay, now to the tips of  Furnishing Your Master Bedroom In A Cold Climate

1. Keeping Warm- So when decorating your master bedroom keep in mind that keeping warm is going to be our main goal.  Science tells us you lose more on heat through radiation than convection to the air. If your desk is up against the external surface, so that you are able to look through the window, your legs will have the tendency to get frosty. Although you can help eliminate a little of this cold by leaning a cardboard sheet against to the wall. If the head of your bed is alongside a freezing external wall you will end up getting a stiff neck, which is no good.

2. Windows- Maximize sunlight with banks of windows added to the south side of your bed to absorb the most light and warmth daily. On the north side of the bedroom, windows need to be minimal. Each position differs in terms of glazing, so talk to your contractor to get advice on the specifics of your own bedroom ideas.

3. Romance- Nothing warms you up quite like romance :) That is why leaving space for something special like an infared sauna, two person shower or Jacuzzi tub is essential for keeping warm in the wintertime!

Okay, what is your best suggestion for Furnishing Your Master Bedroom In A Cold Climate? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. You can also book our free design consult so you will have more ideas on what to do your space. See ya!



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