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Our diverse range of Calgary home decor items allows you to personalize your living spaces to reflect your unique style and taste. Our product line encompasses a diverse range of styles, ranging from vintage charm to contemporary elegance, offering ideal accents to enhance any aesthetic. Our decor options offer a variety of choices, such as chic wall art, plush cushions, vibrant rugs, and distinctive figurines, enabling you to express your individual style.

Investing in home decor not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces, but also contributes to creating a more welcoming and comfortable environment. Incorporating considerate finishing details can establish an authentic lived-in ambiance and transform a mere house into a cozy home. Our home decor products are designed to assist you in creating the ideal atmosphere, whether you're aiming for a tranquil retreat or a lively social gathering space. We invite you to check out our collection and embark on a journey toward personalizing your living space to authentically reflect your unique style. Visit the top furniture store in Calgary located at North Hill Centre.

Showhome Furniture shops around the world to bring you unique pieces for your home and beautiful home decor in Calgary.

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Our Top FAQ's

Where is Showhome Furniture located?

Showhome Furniture is conveniently located in North Hill Centre (former SEARS building). Our store provides a large selection of beautiful custom furniture to fit your unique style and comfort needs. For more information, including our exact address and store hours, please visit this link contact our customer service team.

How does delivery work at Showhome Furniture?

At Showhome Furniture, we aim to provide a seamless delivery experience. After you've made a purchase and chose to have it delivered, we'll arrange a convenient delivery date and time with you. Our dedicated team and partner delivery services ensures that your furniture is carefully transported and delivered to your home. Please note that delivery fees may vary based on your location. If you want to learn more about our delivery, click here.

How can I place an order for custom furniture in Calgary?

To order custom furniture, you can visit our huge showroom at North Hill Centre. You can also call, email or send us a message of your requirements. You Contact Us here. Here, you can discuss your needs with our expert designers, choose your preferred materials, colors, and sizes, and place your order. Showhome Furniture offer free interior design consultation to help you make your idea into a reality. Book your design consultation here.

How do I choose the right home decor for my space?

The selection of appropriate home decor is contingent upon various factors. Begin by identifying your personal style. Determine whether you are inclined towards modern minimalist designs, rustic charm, industrial chic, bohemian vibes, or traditional elegance. Having a clear comprehension of your aesthetic preferences will assist you in making informed decisions. Please take into account the current furnishings and color scheme present in your space. It is advisable to ensure that your decor is in harmony with these elements to achieve a cohesive appearance. In certain instances, a minimalist area could potentially be enhanced by utilizing streamlined, monochromatic furnishings, whereas a rustic space may be better suited for incorporating vintage items made from natural materials.

It is important to consider the intended function of the room when selecting decor. For instance, a bedroom may warrant cozy and relaxing elements, whereas a home office may require more invigorating decor. It is important to take into account the dimensions of the area and ensure that your decorations are proportionate to the space.

It is important to keep in mind that home decor serves as a means of expressing one's personality. Therefore, it is advisable to select items that align with one's personal preferences.

What is the recommended duration for updating home decor?

The frequency at which one updates their home decor is subject to individual preference. Certain individuals derive pleasure from frequently altering their surroundings and may modify their decor on a seasonal or more frequent basis. Some individuals may opt to maintain a consistent decor for an extended period, solely implementing modifications when required due to deterioration.

With that being said, updating your home decor can be an excellent strategy to maintain a vibrant and stimulating living environment. This does not necessarily entail purchasing new items. Instead, it can involve rearranging furniture, interchanging decor between rooms, or modifying soft furnishings to achieve a significant impact.

In the event that you opt to proceed with an update, it would be advisable to take into account the aspect of sustainability. It is advisable to opt for premium quality products that have a longer lifespan. Additionally, it is recommended to contemplate the possibility of selling or donating items that are still in good condition but are no longer required.

What are some strategies for utilizing home decor to create the illusion of a larger space in a small room?

Strategic implementation of home decor can effectively create the perception of a more spacious environment. Opt for light-toned decor and furnishings to create an open and airy ambiance in the room. Mirrors are a commonly utilized optical device that reflects light and produces an illusion of depth. Position them in areas that are opposite to windows or in dimly lit corners. Decorative items made of clear or glass material possess lower visual density, thereby imparting a sense of spaciousness and tidiness to the room.

Finally, please take into account the size and proportion of your decorations. Contrary to intuition, incorporating a few larger decor pieces can often create an illusion of spaciousness in a room, as opposed to numerous small items that may contribute to a cluttered appearance. Incorporate decor elements that can create a visual effect of height, such as tall plants or vertical wall art, to draw the viewer's attention upwards.

What are some strategies for integrating home decor into a space while maintaining a sense of organization and minimalism?

Incorporating decor into your home requires a sense of balance. It is imperative to take into account the dimensions of your area and the quantity of furnishings present in order to prevent an overcrowded appearance. A general guideline to follow is to refrain from overcrowding a space, allowing for ample "breathing room" to facilitate the appreciation of each individual piece.

It is important to bear in mind that home decor encompasses not only the addition of individual elements, but also the creation of a harmonious and unified environment. For example, when incorporating decorative objects onto a bookshelf, it is important to ensure that there is adequate space surrounding each item. Adopting a minimalist approach can yield greater impact by emphasizing a select few high-quality pieces that genuinely align with your aesthetic.

Grouping is another effective strategy. To achieve a cohesive look, it is recommended to group items with similar colors, textures, or shapes together. This approach can impart a sense of organization and intentionality to your space, as opposed to a disorganized and random appearance.

Can home decor affect my mood?

Absolutely. The hues, illumination, and layout of your environment can have a substantial effect on your emotional state and overall health. As an illustration, natural elements like plants or wooden decor can evoke a feeling of tranquility and serenity. Vibrant hues have the potential to invigorate and elevate, whereas subdued, cozy shades can establish a soothing ambiance.

Home decor serves as a means to express one's personal style. Surrounding oneself with items that reflect their personality and taste can evoke a sense of contentment and joy. Artwork or photographs have the ability to elicit positive emotions or stimulate imaginative thinking. Hence, it is advisable to take into account not just the visual attractiveness but also the emotional impact of home decor while making a selection.