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Cheapest Mattresses Near Me

If you want to find the best Calgary mattresses but don't know where to begin, you might be surprised by what you can find at the Calgary furniture store. While the most expensive mattresses aren't going to be available at a small family-owned store, there are plenty of choices for a less-expensive mattress that still has all the benefits you desire. Best Calgary Mattresses


If you're shopping for a new mattress, one of the best Calgary mattresses cheapest options is the MT Dana Firm Mattress. This budget-friendly bed-in-a-box is ideal for back and stomach sleepers, who prefer a mattress that doesn't “give” too much yet still pampers with cradling comfort.

MT Dana Firm Mattress is an affordable bed-in-a-box that offers high-quality mattresses for every price point. They're perfect for couples, kids, and college students. You can even get a risk-free trial. And, if you're not satisfied, they'll give you your money back.

The MT Dana Firm Mattress is a 14.5-inch thick foam mattress. Five different levels of high-density foam—including a layer of gel memory foam for temperature regulation—work in concert to provide the ideal balance of comfort and support.

The foam in the MT Dana Firm Mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it meets emissions standards set by the United States government. These standards are important to anyone looking to avoid volatile organic compounds.

The foam in the MT Dana Firm Mattress also features a layer of Airscape foam, which has holes in it for breathability. It's high-density polyfoam, and it's known for being durable and resisting sagging where you can find it in the best furniture store in Calgary. Best Calgary Mattresses


Chime Hybrid Mattress is the company's flagship mattress. It is designed to provide pressure relief and to help back pain sufferers maintain proper spinal alignment. This hybrid mattress is made with high-quality materials, including a durable mattress base, tons of coils, and a premium quilted top.

The mattress offers three firmness levels. The medium is best for combination sleepers. Back sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds may prefer an ultra-firm model. Those who weigh less than 130 pounds may find that a medium-firm model provides a more stable surface.

The Chime Hybrid Mattress offers pressure relief with a unique construction that features two layers of TitanFlex foam. This hyper-responsive foam, which combines the body-contouring feel of memory foam with the responsiveness of latex foam, helps the user stay in a comfortable sleeping posture.

The mattress also comes with a cooling feature. Using a premium quilted top, the mattress helps keep the bed cool. Best Calgary Mattresses

Chime Hybrid's get the best of both worlds—the pressure relief of cooling gel-infused memory foam, coupled with body contouring pocketed coils for superior support. In addition to providing compression support, this foam changes depending on the firmness level.

DreamCloud Hybrid

The DreamCloud Hybrid mattress is a five-layer hybrid mattress with a luxurious, breathable cashmere top. It also features a gel-infused memory foam and innerspring coils to provide a comfortable and supportive sleep.

This bed comes in a number of standard sizes. However, it is not recommended for people who weigh less than 150 pounds. If you are under this weight, it might be best to go with a softer mattress.

You may also wish to try out the DreamCloud Premier Rest, which is a seven-layer, gel-infused memory foam mattress. As with the other DreamCloud mattresses, this model is suitable for a wide range of sleeping positions.

A DreamCloud mattress can help relieve back pain, hip, and shoulder pressure, and other aches and pains. For added comfort, you can choose a plush pillow-top top. Best Calgary's Mattresses

A DreamCloud mattress can be washed free of charge. To clean it, simply use a soft dish detergent and gentle circular motions.

DreamCloud has been offering an evergreen deal on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for the past few years. During these sales, you can get a mattress for half off.


Keetsa mattresses are an affordable choice for sleepers looking for a great night's sleep. They come in a variety of styles and firmness levels. In addition, they are eco-friendly and made with high-quality materials.

Calgary mattresses styles available from Keetsa are: TL Supreme, Tea Leaf Classic, and Tea Leaf Dream. These are available in a firm, medium-firm, and soft-comfort options.

Keetsa mattresses are known for their comfort foams. The company's unique fiber filling is made from recycled materials.

Keetsa also makes an organic memory foam mattress. Their mattress covers are also chemical-free.

If you are a back or stomach sleeper, you may want to try the Keetsa Pillow Plus hybrid. This mattress uses a foam layer sandwiched between wool padding and cover fabric. It is a good choice for college students and people who change positions a lot.

Keetsa mattresses are popular online, but the company's showrooms are located in California, New York, and Los Angeles. Keetsa also delivers to Alaska, Hawaii, and most parts of Canada. Best Calgary's Mattresses

Keetsa's mattresses are built with super-strong coils and support dense foam. The company's 12-year warranty covers manufacturing defects.

Ghostbed's Luxe

GhostBed's Luxe is a memory foam mattress. It is made with several layers of foam, gel, and phase-changechange material, which help to keep you cool during the night. The mattress has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

GhostBed's Luxe is considered to be one of the best beds on the market. With the combination of memory foam, poly foam, and phase-change material, it provides pressure relief and contouring. Unlike traditional memory foam mattresses, the Luxe is firm but not so hard that it ruins your night's sleep.

GhostBed's Luxe offers a 101-night sleep trial to allow you to try it out. If you don't like the product, you can return it within 30 days for a refund. However, it is important to note that there are restrictions. You can only receive a refund if you buy the mattress directly from GhostBed, not from a third-party retailer.

Another reason to consider GhostBed's Luxe is the fact that it comes with a 25-year warranty. This is in addition to the free shipping.

Silk & Snow

Silk & Snow are a premium mattress company that is based in Canada. It offers high quality products at a price that's affordable for the average consumer. They also have a strong focus on ethical practices. This means that their mattresses are made from high-quality materials that aren't harmful to the environment.

Silk & Snow have two main models. One is a hybrid model, which means it has a foam top layer and a memory foam bottom layer. The hybrid helps sleepers cool while offering support. Another model is a foam mattress, which has a higher density. Best Calgary's Mattresses

In addition to their mattresses, Silk & Snow also have a variety of bedding items. These include pillows, sheets, and bed frames.

Their mattresses are a little heavy, so they require two people to put together. This makes them suitable for guests or dorm rooms. Also, the company's website mentions that you can get a full refund after 30 days. However, there are no refunds for the mattress itself. If you find that you're not satisfied with your new mattress, you can return it to Silk & Snow. You'll need to contact them by email to begin the process.


Amerisleep mattresses are a great option for people looking for a high-quality mattress that is also environmentally friendly. They offer five different types of foam mattresses, and each has its own unique advantages.

The most popular type of mattress offered by Amerisleep is the AS3. It is an all-foam mattress that is available in a variety of firmness levels. This is a great option for couples who aren't sure what kind of mattress would work best for them.

Other models are the AS2 and AS5. These are 12-inch mattresses. Both are similar to the AS3, except that the AS2 is a little firmer.

Aside from these two models, Amerisleep offers a number of hybrid mattress options. Some of these include the Organica, which is made with two layers of natural latex. Another hybrid is the AS5 Hybrid, which is made with super-soft Active Flex foam.

If you are interested in an Amerisleep mattress, you can order it online. You will be able to get a free 100-night sleep trial. If you aren't satisfied with your new mattress, you can request a full refund. Best Calgary's Mattresses


Vaya mattresses are simple, affordable, and good for light sleepers. They also make good choices for children and teens. However, they do not have the durability to last as long as other high-end bed in a box options.

For starters, the Vaya is all-foam, which means it does not have the coils that many other mattresses use. This means the foam may sag and lose its support after about three years. It is not as supportive as other models, however, so heavier sleepers should look for another mattress.

Also, some models are more prone to odors, especially when they are shipped in compressed packages. Most online retailers offer a generous try-at-home policy. If you decide you don't like your new mattress, you can return it within a few weeks.

Another downside is the low-edge support. Most all-foam models are very comfortable for pressure relief, but they don't have the strength for edge support.

If you're looking for more best Calgary mattress, you should check out Zoma Mattress. These mattresses have a higher price tag than Vaya, but they offer a more robust and responsive support.


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