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The Hidden Mystery Behind Calgary Ottoman

The hidden mystery behind Calgary's Ottoman is one of the most intriguing stories in Calgary's history. A Furniture Store in Calgary man named Joel Forrest recently wrote about this intriguing tale in Avenue Calgary. He reveals the real story behind this ottoman and how it came to be located in the city.

Slavery in the Ottoman EmpireCalgary Ottoman

The Ottoman Empire employed a variety of forms of slavery. Slave laborers were enlisted to work in various fields, including agriculture, weaving, mining, construction, and the arts in Calgary. Some were even able to use their talents to produce works of art, including poetry and music.

Slavery was a widespread problem in the Ottoman Empire, but reforms were made during the Tanzimat period. The Ottoman government introduced Western and European ideas to the empire. These reforms made the slave trade less powerful and the citizens more likely to oppose it. Eventually, many slaves were freed and became part of the military class of their owners.

Women were also considered to be slaves. Many slave women were bought by men as companions for young girls. These women were trained in the same skills as the women in their families and often received education as well. Many were even given the ability to read Arabic and Persian, and some even learned to speak French. Once their term of servitude was over, they were often married to an Ottoman man. In addition, Islam encouraged emancipation.

The vast majority of women sold as slaves were not concubines, but rather were employed by rich families to perform simple household chores. Some rose to the ranks of administrative positions and enjoyed a permanent career within the harem. Some even married high-ranking Ottoman men and became part of the imperial family.

Slavery in the Ottoman Empire had several different forms. Domestic slaves helped raise children, performed household chores, and were employed as sex workers. Slaves in the empire were also bought by elite household officials, and some of them were raised as free citizens. The sultan's family bought the largest number of slaves. They even held educational sessions in the palace for their slaves.

sofa in calgaryErtogroul Osman's apartment

A two-bedroom in Calgary apartment above a restaurant was the site of the former Turkish ambassador to Canada, Ertogroul Osman. Osman stayed in Furniture Store in Calgary for several years after he was invited by the Turkish government to return to his native country. In 2004, the Turkish government granted him citizenship. He was 45 years old and had married twice. The first time was to an Afghan princess named Zeynep Tarzi Hanim, who was 30 years younger. Osman spoke fluent Turkish, German, and Italian. He also knew Spanish.

Ertogroul Osman died of kidney failure on Sept. 23, 2009 in Istanbul. His apartment is a reminder of his life. He was a descendant of the Osman family who established a kingdom in 1299. At the time, the Ottoman Empire controlled parts of Africa and Europe.


Ertogroul Osman's harem

Ertogroul Osman is a former Imperial Prince of the Ottoman Empire. Born in Istanbul, he was the 43rd Head of the Imperial House of Osman. In the 18th century, he was a member of the Ottoman military. He served as a Captain in the Ottoman Army for more than 40 years.

The women of the harem were expected to keep order in the harem. She was also expected to be a guide to her son and guide him through state politics. Eventually, she would be asked to intervene when the Sultan made decisions regarding the harem.nest chair dog

In the Ottoman Empire, many concubines were beautiful. Young girls of extraordinary beauty were often sent to the Sultan's court as gifts. The majority of the harem women were Caucasians, Abkhazians, or other ethnic groups. Many of them were sold by impoverished parents. In addition, many Caucasian and Georgian families encouraged their daughters to enter concubinage through slavery.


Slavery inside the Ottoman Empire, the Ottoman Empire hired a selection of styles of slavery. Slavery become a extensive hassle in the Ottoman Empire, however reforms had been made in the course of the Tanzimat period. The Ottoman authorities brought Western and ecu thoughts to the empire. These women have been trained in the identical competencies as the ladies in their households and often received training as properly. Slaves in the empire were additionally sold via elite family officers, and some of them had been raised as unfastened citizens. He turned into a descendant of the Osman family who hooked up a nation in 1299. Born in Istanbul, he become the forty third Head of the Imperial residence of Osman. Inside the 18th century, he changed into a member of the Ottoman military. The ladies of the harem were expected to maintain order in the harem. In the Ottoman Empire, many concubines have been lovely.

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