3 Ways to Spice up your Dining Room for Summer

August 23 2018

3 Ways to Spice up your Dining Room for Summer

3 Ways to Spice up your Dining Room for Summer
As the seasons change, it's always fun to make some changes in your home as well. It's important to keep your home new and fresh without getting bored of the same old decor. But changing our decor can be expensive and time consuming! We kept this in mind as we tried out a few easy, fun, inexpensive ways to change up your dining room table.
1) Lavender Love
Lavender is a very serene, relaxing color and the scent has the same effect. Putting these together on your table can provide a very welcoming effect! 
Things You'll Need:
  • Neutral dishes (whatever you normally have on the table usually works)
  • Lavender coloured bowls
  • Purple Goblets
  • Lavender plant added into the napkin rings
  • Purple Flower petals (fake from the dollar store works fine if you want them to last)
  • Lavender plants or bouquets
Have fun with it and see what works best in your dining room! Use the pictures for inspiration and then have fun!
2) Woodland Forest
There is no better way to bring summer inside than to literally bring some of the outdoors in! Trees, moss, ferns, and greenery bring back the best of memories for me, as they do for so many of the people you may invite into your home. This one is also great if you like DIY and spending the minimum amount for maximum results.
Things You'll Need:
  • Placemats - The ones we used were homemade! We cut circles of burlap and glued artificial leaves onto them. The result was amazing!
  • Neutral dishes (whatever you normally have on the table usually works)
  • Green glasses (or clear glasses with green water in them)
  • Centerpiece (we used round tree slices, potted fern plants, and moss)
  • Candles
  • Forest-y Napkin rings (you can DIY some or buy some)
The result can be quite fun! Once again, use our pictures for inspiration, but have fun with what works for your space.
3) Tropical Tea Party
Another name we gave this was "tropical ciesta" because of the fun, bright colours. If you like to add a bit of vibrance to your hime in the summer, this one is perfect!
Things You'll Need:
  • Bright table mats
  • Coloured dishes on a white or off-white charger (to pop out from the coloured mats)
  • Coloured goblets
  • Teapots with bright flowers in them
  • Summer sweets and treats! (Berries and other fruit add some fun colours to the mix)
Super fun and easy, and the result is fantastic!
Have Fun!
Remember that these projects should not be stressful or picture perfect. Play around a bit and make it fun! Laugh at what doesn't work and cheer at what does. Find a friend, child, or family member to help out and bring some extra joy into your home. This is one of the reasons why we love designing at Showhome Furniture because we got to experience this kind of joy.


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