4 Easy Ways to Expand Your Living Room Space
4 Easy Ways to Expand Your Living Room Space

September 23 2021

4 Easy Ways to Expand Your Living Room Space

The living room is the first room guests walk through. And as such, it should be a place that sets the overall ambience and security of your home. It is generally a place of entertainment and relaxation of both the guests and the family. And because the ambience of this particular room creates a huge impact on the level of comfort and style of the home, it’s very important to make significant changes and add style to it.

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Investing in total physical renovation to your living room can be very intimidating and very expensive as well. But worry no more, because Showhome Furniture in Calgary have gathered and listed four simple ways to make your seemingly small living room look and feel even bigger.

Use one type of flooring material all throughout the room

Using one type of flooring material such as wood all throughout the room (and maybe with the room next to it) can help create a visual expansion on the space, making the room appear larger. Sofas or other furniture with legs are definitely your go-to in order to keep the floor visible instead of having it covered directly with the furniture’s contrasting color.

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Put emphasis on the walls

We cannot put our walls into wherever we want them to be whenever we want, but what we can do is to give focus on them by hanging floor-length curtains close to the ceiling and using a tall bookshelf. We can also put simple and unique wall decors. In this way, the wall draws attention and it will give the illusion of a bigger and more heightened space.

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Arrange according to pathway and movement

No matter how expensive or luxurious your furniture is if they block certain pathway spaces, or if they are not properly arranged, the room will be unnecessarily stuffy and overcrowded. The most significantly superior principle in enhancing any room and any space will always be “organization”. Arrange your decorations and furniture according to traffic flow inside the room. Add more space and fewer decorations to the places where common tasks take place.

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Add Mirrors

A mirror is one of the most common space-expanding essentials in any room. They help reflect light, giving more beauty and ambience to the room. There is no need to be too extra when incorporating mirrors to any room. The safest way to do this is using a mirror with minimal decoration to give the space a more relaxed yet well put-together appearance.

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It’s easy to imagine a convenient and livable space. But sometimes, it can take effort, money, and thorough planning to make it a reality. Try the above 4 easy ways you can expand your living room space without costing you more than what you should and you’ll see how it could work wonders. You can also let us do the design for you for FREE. Just book our Complimentary Design Consultation and we will surely make your home into a Show Home for less.