4 Ways To Use Modern Farmhouse Design In Your Home

April 09 2021

4 Ways To Use Modern Farmhouse Design In Your Home

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Modern farmhouse design elements are so fun to use. They are the perfect way of joining the more traditional farm feel with a cleaner more modern space. Today we are going to share some of our Showhome Furniture 'design secrets' for you to use in your home. If you want some help in figuring this all out, don't hesitate to call us and book your free 1-hour design consultation with our talented highend designers.

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The most important piece of modern farmhouse design is considering the uses of the home. Making sure that whatever you do is functional and practical is an important part of any designing. Think about the flow of each room, the lighting the furniture and usage. What is working and what is not. If you need help in this area, just be sure to ask our designers during your free consultation.

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Next look for the right color to decorate with. Modern farmhouse design liberally uses the soft neutral pallet. Soft tans, taupes, vanilla, and warm greys are vital to the look and feel of modern farmhouse design.

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Choosing the right furniture is important. Modern farmhouse uses warm natural furniture like leather and wood. These materials bring inside a bit of nature in a simple way. Leather couches are a great choice, as well as solid wood tables and side tables.

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Decorating your shelves and surfaces is a must for modern farmhouses, but they must be done thoughtfully and not excessively. Modern farmhouse design uses natural material such as wood, succulent, metal and glass. It mixes a bit of the traditional with the modern but in both cases accessories are used sparingly. Mixing textures and types of material is super fun to do and will give you great results.

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Use White

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Using white accessories is a great way of accenting your home and keeping it feeling light, airy and still warm and comforting.

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Use Pillows and Blankets

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The use of pillows and blankets are a great way of obtaining the cozy farmhouse feel, white keeping it modern and bright.

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The modern farmhouse design works well with or without rugs. Depending on the room and what you do in that space, you may want to consider a simple shag or stick with a more traditional wool rug.

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We hope these tips will help you design your room with confidence. If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us.