5 Easy Tips To Creating a Beautiful Boho Bedroom
5 Easy Tips To Creating a Beautiful Boho Bedroom

May 01 2021

5 Easy Tips To Creating a Beautiful Boho Bedroom

Summer is approaching fast and with summer comes tons of sun, fun and decorating!!!  As you all know, we love decorating at Showhome Furniture and every season calls for our creative juices to flow, but summer especially is a time that we really get into redoing our home and spaces. 

There is something about having the windows open and sunlight streaming through your bedroom that makes us want to redo our rooms. 

Our latest obsession is Bohemian style, and today we are going to give you some fabulous tips on how to create the perfect Boho Bedroom!!!

Bohemian, or Boho, is a style of design that is full of fun eclectic elements.  It contains warm earth colors, patterns and textures.  It is often complimented by vintage furniture and art!!

First, take stalk of what you already have.  Decorating is so fun, but it doesn’t mean it has to cost a ton.  Look around your home, chances are you have already a bunch of neat accessories or pieces of furniture that can be re-purposed or upcycled.  If you have them, use them!

Next come book a free consultation with our expert Showhome Furniture designers.  We spend thousands of dollars hiring the most expert designers in the city and offer this free service to our customers because we know having expert advise can make all the difference in every decorating project.  

Once you have your free consultation booked, and you have located what accessories or furniture that you already have on hand, it is time to decide what style of boho you are looking for.  Some Boho rooms use bright and bold colours to catch your eye, while others stick to a softer palettes and rely more on the layering of textures to bring it all together.

Regardless of what style you are going for, for an authentic boho look, stick to nature-inspired elements.  Earthy tones, natural furniture and soft-textures are some of the most important aspects of a Boho room.

Painting your wall is an inexpensive way to start your Boho room project.  My daughter Ellice is an expert painter and loves to work magic on her walls.  Mixing colours and techniques can really add a bit of magic to your Boho room.

Remember to layer.  If you have a small chair in your room add a soft blanket and a long haired pillow.  Put a rug on the floor and add plants on the table and ground.  All this layering make the room feel cozy and very Bohemian!!

We hope you enjoyed learning about how to create your own cozy Boho room! If you have any suggestions yourself please let us know! Don't forget to book your free Showhome Furniture consultation today!