5 Fabulous Ways To Incorporate Transitional Design In Your Home!

April 12 2021

5 Fabulous Ways To Incorporate Transitional Design In Your Home!

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Transitional design is one of the hottest new ways of designing your home and for good reason! Simply put, traditional style is an engaging blend of contemporary and traditional design elements! This mix creates an attractive sophisticated space that is inviting and warm. It blends the straight lines and curves, incorporates texture and smooth finishes to create a peaceful orderly and intriguing space.

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The first element of transitional design is color.

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The colors in traditional design are softer neutral colors, allow the furnitures colors and lines to be showcased. Some of the top colors are grey, taupes, tans and vanilla. Remember that each of these colors come in a cool tone or warm tones.

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Next is the furniture.

If there is one thing we know and love at Showhome Furniture, it is furniture! Transitional design focuses less on the more ornate solid wood furniture and uses more of the straight and streamlined furniture. This lends your space to looking fresher and more orderly.

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Lighting is an important part of transitional design

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Light fixtures for transitional design are simple, sophisticated and have a minimalistic feel. They are practical and beautiful. They tend to be less fancy, but not as simple as modern ones. They blend curved and straight lines and incorporate natural material like wood and natural fabric.

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Mixing textural elements is important.

Transitional design is similar to modern in how clean and uncluttered it is, but it adds more warmth and interest by mixing a variety of textural elements together. Wood, glass, fabric, metal, and plants give the room a sense of variety and interest the eye, without feeling cluttered and disorganized.

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Lastly, to finish off your traditional design look, add accessories. Unlike boho, or traditional design, the accessories are kept to a minimum but each have a very useful, beautiful purpose. Art work is incorporated but usually larger pieces are picked over smaller ones.

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If you want more information on transitional design don't hesitate to call Showhome Furniture and ask. We offer a free 1-hour design consultation to all our customers and would love to hear from you!

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