5 Quick Ideas to Style Any Small Bedroom
5 Quick Ideas to Style Any Small Bedroom

July 13 2020

5 Quick Ideas to Style Any Small Bedroom

 Hi guys! It's Shay, owner of Showhome Furniture. If you wish to give your bedroom a makeover but too hesitant to style it up because the place seems to be “too small”, then worry no more. Just because your room isn’t really spacious enough does not mean you cannot put personality and comfort to it.

After all, the bedroom is made to be a place of relaxation and comfort while you sleep. Studies show that the most effective way to find comfort in sleeping is when we avoid doing stimulating activities inside the bedroom. Hence, the presence of TV or other luxurious gadgets can disrupt our sleeping patterns causing us to feel tired even when we have slept for longer hours (and here we go blaming the mattress for not being soft enough). Not giving space for television or technology in your bedroom is one smart and practical way to not only design your bedroom but add a comfortable ambiance to it. 

Below, we have listed five different ways to bring big and lovely style to your small bedroom.

  1. Decorate Your Room with Light Colors

The color white is the most recommended when it comes to styling a small space because it is expansive and keeps  your space from looking too stuffy and hectic. It brightens up your space, giving much more room for light to come through, resulting in an illusion of a much bigger space. You can incorporate some layer of different textures and patterns in your bedroom to keep it from lacking style.

  1. Mirror

Just as painting your walls with lighter colors gives off the illusion of a much bigger space, putting a mirror really does the same job. One great way for this is to put the mirror where it can easily reflect the light cast off by the window. It also adds a natural light in your bedroom which helps it look more spacious.

  1. Add Some Greens!

Adding your favorite plants makes your bedroom feel more alive than stuffy. Your room is not only spacious, but you get to breathe fresh, clean air in it too!

  1. Under the Bed = More storage!

The most essential aspect in designing a small space is organization. If you happen to have a bed which you can customize, might as well use the under space as your new organizer. You can keep shoes, old books that you don’t want to throw away, extra stationery or anything! An organized bedroom will always be the number one rule here.

  1. Add in Some Colors!

If you wish to add a pop of color to your bedroom while still maintaining that neat minimalistic feel to it, throwing in some colorful pillows are perfect for you!

Surely, a king-size bed, or other modern luxurious furniture are really great. But you don’t necessarily have to have these in order to bring big style to your bedroom. All you need is an eye for creativity and organization.

Hope that helps! Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below! And remember, if you ever need any furniture or accessories, come visit us at North Hill Centre. We are open Monday to Saturday from 10am-6pm!