5 Tips for Families Wishing to Use The Night & Day Cabinet Bed!

May 08 2021

5 Tips for Families Wishing to Use The Night & Day Cabinet Bed!

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Okay, so you’ve heard me talk about the New company that I’m in love with called Night and Day. We are literally having customers bombard us with questions and testimonials on how much they love this bed! If you’re new here, Night & Day is basically it’s a company that creates furniture that looks like gorgeous design pieces during the day and turn into comfortable beds at night!

Murphy Bed Calgary

We know that there are a lot families out there who don’t have the space to host everyone they like during holidays or throughout the year. The Poppy Night & Day Cabinet bed is literally the BEST solution for families for hosting! We have put together our best 5 tips for families who are considering buying the Night & Day bed from either of our Showhome Furniture Calgary stores.

1. Investment

Buying a Night & Day Cabinet Bed might just be the best investment you make this year! Why? Because with the Night & Day Cabinet bed you can have people you love over that you couldn’t previously host due to space issues. Want to have your grown children visit? Or your parents come for the weekend? This bed is literally going to be your most popular piece of furniture and possibly your most valuable investment. Plus, the bed is made of solid wood and as a bonus all Night & Day Beds purchased with Showhome Furniture are covered by an incredible 10 year limited warranty on the bed, and 3 year limited warranty on the mattress! YAY!

2. Design

The design of this bed is beautiful. It comes in four gorgeous options including: Brushed Driftwood (whitewashed wood), White Bark (wood), Blizzard (Black/Gray), & Skye (blue), ensuring that it is a perfect compliment to your existing furniture!

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3. Portability

Our clients absolutely LOVE that the Poppy Bed can be made in less than one minute! They love that it takes almost that long to put it away, and the LOVE that it disappears once it’s put back together. You can watch a tutorial of the bed being demoed here:

4. Comfort

Family members are raving about the fold out trays, the plug in phone chargers the solid hardwood construction, the higher sleep platform and the large rolling storage drawer underneath. This trip-old premium Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress feels AMAZING to sleep on!

5. Affordability

For the same price as buying a solid wood dresser you can buy a cabinet that converts into a bed. The night and day bed is normally $3499, but is on sale RIGHT NOW at Showhome Furniture Calgary location for only $2299. You can add $100 if you’d like our White Glove Service which is really an incredible offer considering that means setting up the bed and taking away the garbage anywhere in Calgary (delivery extra).

If you want an ADDITIONAL $50 off your purchase of a night and day bed tell the lady or guy at the cashier that you saw this blog post - it’s like Christmas in May!

So if you are a family considering the Poppy Night & Day Cabinet bed, I hope some of your questions were answered and you were able to get a better of idea of why I think this bed is perfect for families!