5 Tips For Staying Mentally Strong During Covid-19
5 Tips For Staying Mentally Strong During Covid-19

May 12 2020

5 Tips For Staying Mentally Strong During Covid-19

There is NO DOUBT that this is a difficult time in world history :( Many, many people are struggling with their mental health. I see that this disaster has brought on an unprecedented mental health burden, however, It’s hard for me to ignore that there are also possibilities that never existed before. I personally feel like this time could be a blessing for those who take the opportunities to strengthen their mental health. Here are some good tips for staying mentally healthy during Covid-19.

1. Stay connected- THIS IS CRITICAL! Although you may be compelled to self-isolation it is not advisable, healthy or good to be socially isolated. Especially during a worldwide pandemic when so many people are suffering, you need to reach out and stay connected. Text people, send a letter in the mail, make a phone call and wave at the neighborhood children. We all need each other, and without each other we are nothing. We are really lucky to live in a world where connection can be achieved in so many different ways. Use these instruments to help you stay connected!


2. Pay attention to what you put inside your body-What you put into your body In the way of food, music, & videos is critical to painting a positive, healthy body and mind during a crisis. I always increase my vitamins, my exercise, and my water intake to help boost my mental health during difficult times. Coffee for example is a great way to kickstart your day, but the caffeine doesn’t actually help your brain in the long term. Choose water over juice and soda, and try to make sure you stay on whatever healthy eating habits you had created before being stuck inside!

3. Keep Moving- Your body needs to move! You need fresh air, if possible, exercise in order to keep your brain healthy. How we treat our bodies, directly affects how well our brain functions. Try to make time every day for a walk, a run, or some indoor exercise program that makes you move.


4. Create a Routine- It’s easy to sleep in and stay up late watching Netflix. But your brain will thank you if you create a routine and stick to it. Get up at the same time, do your exercise routine and try to go to bed at the same time.


5. Be positive- Attitude influences behavior! That means during self-isolation if you have a bad attitude you are much more likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors such as overeating, self-harm, addictions, etc… On the other hand if you have a good attitude you are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors such as self-care, house management, healthy eating, etc…


6. Keep a Gratitude Journal- Keep it simple, just add 3 things everyday that you are grateful for, the very practice of writing down and thinking about what you are grateful for can change the chemistry in your brain, creating happy hormones to be released.

7. Get Enough Sleep- I know that most of us don’t really HAVE to wake up at a certain time anymore. However, that doesn’t change the amount of sleep that our bodies need to function optimally! Make sure to set a consistent time to go to bed and a consistent time that you wake up. This will help your body regulate and more easily digest food as well as give you the mental clarity you desire when you need it.


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What are your best tips for staying mentally strong during Covid-19?