5 Tips to Surviving Self Isolation
5 Tips to Surviving Self Isolation

May 02 2020

5 Tips to Surviving Self Isolation

Self Isolation can be a daunting challenge and stretch even the healthiest of us. Friends that are single, married, with kids, without kids, with a job, without a job, between all that there are just so many unknowns. In order to survive during Self- Isolation you are going to need to take some direct, meaningful steps towards your happiness. Here are my best 5 Tips for Surviving Self Isolation!

1. Have Fun- seriously, this is a rare opportunity that you have to not be be inundated with responsibilities. What do you like to do? Play games, puzzles, garden, walk? Do it! You love reading but never get a chance? Now’s your time!


2. Do Service- During times of anxiety and stress, I have found that one of the most effective and soul-satisfying activities to do is to find someone to serve.

Are you a seamstress? How about making some home-made masks?


Are you a baker? Perhaps you could cook a meal for an overwhelmed neighbor.


Do you love to walk, why not invite a neighbor to walk with you as you both keep your distance?


Are you a gardener? How about offering to give advice to a friend over the phone about your tried and true gardening methods?


3. Stay Connected- THIS IS CRITICAL! Although you may be compelled to self-isolation it is not advisable, healthy, or good to be socially isolated. Especially during a worldwide pandemic when so many people are suffering, you need to reach out and stay connected. Text people, send a letter in the mail, make a phone call and wave at the neighborhood children. We all need each other, and without each other we are nothing.


4. Be positive- Attitude matters! When things in the world are rocky what we need is HAPPINESS! We need people who believe that the world is going to be okay. We need people who will smile, we need people who will spread sunshine, we need people who will choose faith over fear. One of my best pieces of advice is to choose happiness as an effective method for surviving self-isolation!



5. Create Something- Have you ever been discouraged and not know what you could do to get out of the slump? You may have picked up a pen and written a letter, or picked up a paintbrush and started a piece of art. By the end of the project, you feel so much better. Do you know why? There are literal hormones that are released inside your brain when you CREATE something. Anything! It could be a garden, a book, a story, a pie, a piece of art, a song. Just use those creative gifts that you have been blessed with and create something to beat the blues!


These are my very best tips for Surviving Self Isolation. Make this time count, it literally can be a precious time of joy for you if you are alone, your marriage if you are married, and your children if you are a parent.


Of course, I want to remind you all that Showhome Furniture Calgary is ALWAYS OPEN for online shopping! We have people at our warehouse who are happy and willing to take you on a tour and arrange ordering and delivering of furniture during this challenging time. We’ve got your back, and can’t wait till the time comes that we get to meet again in our store!!




What is your best tip for Surviving Self Isolation?