ARE YOU PREPARING TO SHARE YOUR HOUSE WITH A LOVED ONE? Here are 5 tips for making the transition go smoothly.

September 19 2020

ARE YOU PREPARING TO SHARE YOUR HOUSE WITH A LOVED ONE? Here are 5 tips for making the transition go smoothly.

Are you having aging parents move in? A grown up child? Or maybe just renting out for Airbnb? The rise of co living all across the globe is interesting housing and people from all over. Co living is all about community and developing connection between people that share a common space. Co-living provides many benefits for all ages and stages of life, including affordability, connection, ease of use, interest & the joy of meeting new people.


Showhome furniture Calgary has incredible furniture tips for making the space you have work for everyone.  A home is more than just a place to sleep, it’s a place where we create the memories that will be with us forever. Our homes need to be as flexible as we are.


1. Organize

Organisation is absolutely key to making sure that your shared space is comfortable for everyone. Having clearly defined boundaries on whose space belongs to whom will be helpful when sharing your space with others. Is the kitchen for everyone?  Does the living room have your favorite chair in it, let others know so they don’t accidentally sit in it and annoy you.


2. Compartmentalize

Especially in the bathroom and the kitchen it’s helpful to compartmentalize. Showhome Furniture Calgary has amazing pieces of furniture that have drawers, lockers or sections that can be easily divided up between people. Even a bookshelf can be shared when you divide up the space.

3. Label

Don’t’ be afraid to label those drawers or those kitchen cupboards with each persons name. This will save you work and arguments in the future.


4. Clean

Keep things clean and make sure everyone knows their own individual responsibilities.

5. Have a multipurpose room

It may seem like a monumental task at first, but especially if you are sharing space, you will need more room. You can use your dining room as your home office, or your guests room as your personal gym. In these spaces it’s helpful to use pieces of furniture that can fold away. Our Poppy Cabinet bed is an excellent option for a room like this. It folds into a bed at night in only 45 seconds, and functions as cabinet during the day time.


Co-living helps keep rent low and affordable. It’s attracting people from all demographics including millennials and baby boomers. The use of transforming furniture makes it so spaces can serve several functions and still have great space flow. If you are considering Co-living come to our Showhome Furniture Calgary store located at North Hill Centre and ask a designer to show you some of the amazing new furniture pieces that we have have for this purpose.


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