6 Romantic Bedrooms Anyone Can Do
6 Romantic Bedrooms Anyone Can Do

September 19 2020

6 Romantic Bedrooms Anyone Can Do

Creating a romantic bedroom starts with the bed.  At Showhome furniture we sell a variety of custom made beds.  The above tuft bed starts at 1599 and comes in over 200 different fabrics.   With Valentines Day coming up, we decided to show you all how to add a little romance into your bedroom through decor.  Whether single or married, Anne Of Green Gables taught me long ago that romance brings magic into our lives.

First add soft lighting.  Twinkle lights, delicate chandeliers, and candles are a great way to create a cozy atmosphere.

Even just adding a dimmer switch to existing lightswitch is an easy inexpensive way to create ambiance to your sleeping space.  At Showhome Furniture, we bring in new lines of light fixtures all the time so that our customers always have something unique they can add to their homes.

Make sure your pillows are plentiful, soft and different textures.  The long hair lambs wool pillows are my favorite.  Getting a variety of different colors and textured pillows will create a cozier feeling than if you get just the same kind.

Add a sign to the wall to let the world know how much you love each other.  At Showhome Furniture, we not only carry a large line of awesome pillows and accessories, we also have a ton of different signs and art pieces that can be used in every room of the house.

Make sure you have a few throws to cuddle into.

A throw allows you to just sit and read on your bed without having to un-make it.  It is the perfect solution to people like me who like to work in their bedroom.

A thick rug by the side of your bed not only feels nice to your feet, it also add an extra layer of comfort and luxury.

I especially like to have a rug by my bed if my bedroom doesn’t have a carpet, but even if it is carpeted, a smaller thick rug is a nice touch.

Lastly, hide a stash of chocolates in your room.  Nothing makes you feel more spoiled than being able to cuddle down into bed while reading a good book and eating delicious chocolate!!!