7 Tips For Choosing Furniture That Will Last With a Family
7 Tips For Choosing Furniture That Will Last With a Family

March 04 2020

7 Tips For Choosing Furniture That Will Last With a Family

Good morning friends!

Are you looking for some amazing furniture that will not only last a lifetime but also stand up to all the rigours of family life with children? Well, you’ve come to the right place!


Just last night I went over to my best friend's house and was horrified to see the brand new set of furniture she bought was tipped upside down. I asked her what was going on. She responded that the middle support leg for the furniture had already broken off. She has only had the new couches for two weeks! I could see what a huge sacrifice of money she had made, and how disappointed she was that they were already falling apart. 


I’m gonna give you some tips on how to identify high-quality furniture so that when you buy a piece of furniture from Showhome Furniture Calgary you know it’s going to be the best investment for your family!

Test out the furniture

When I’m shopping for furniture out of the furniture store I always make sure that I sit down and give a good heavy plop onto the couch or chair that I’m thinking about buying. Unfortunately, our children are not as gentle on Furniture as we are. Which is why I like to mimic what I think they might be doing on my new furniture. When doing it, if you noticed but the couch seems unstable or the chair is a bit tipsy, it’s probably not a piece of furniture that will last in your home.


Look underneath

Are you worried that you might look strange sticking your head underneath of the furniture in the furniture store? Don’t be ashamed! Especially if you are shopping at Showhome Furniture Calgary. Our staff all expect you to check out the quality and craftsmanship of each piece of furniture before you buy it! Quality and craftsmanship really matter, when it comes to new furniture.


Ask Questions

Our staff at Showhome Furniture Calgary are specially trained on how our furniture is created. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Is it going to need a humidifier? How will the finish hold up? Is the fabric easy to clean? Can you customize that couch? These are all questions you want to know the answer to before buying a piece of furniture.


Compare prices

Remember if you were looking for a piece of furniture that’s going to last a lifetime especially with children you’re probably gonna be paying a little extra. Don’t be afraid of paying extra for a high-quality product! My children tease me because I still have a garlic crusher that I got on my wedding over 20 years ago. But it is such good quality but I’ve never needed to replace it! Now that was a good investment :-)


Get the warranty

One of the best things that I’ve ever done when buying furniture, especially as a mom with several children, is to always get the warranty! Warranties really come in handy and some furniture have warranties up 10 years! Remember if you’re shopping at Showhome Furniture ask what warranty your furniture is going to come with, we have several fantastic options available.



Check it out in the store

This sounds silly but if you’re looking at a brand new dining room table and it already has scratches simply from being displayed in the furniture store ten it’s probably not gonna stand up to what you need for a table with the family! Look carefully at the display pieces and see if you could identify where they will take the most wear and tear, and if that will fit with the lifestyle that your family lives.


Be in love!

Lastly, if you’re investing money to buy a piece of furniture that you want to last a lifetime, make sure it’s something you absolutely love! Showhome Furniture had designers on staff who can give you free design advice anytime you come in! Choosing a piece of furniture that isn’t the most popular color is probably going to be something you love for many years to come.


Wow! Now that’s my best advice for choosing Furniture that will last, with the family! I can’t wait to see you in the Store and see what gorgeous new pieces of furniture you choose!