Best Kitchen Organizing Tips for 2022

January 04 2022

Best Kitchen Organizing Tips for 2022

Kitchen design is where form and function collide… and it’s one of the places we spend the most time in our everyday lives. As the heart of the home, a well-organized kitchen can make or break the experience of cooking, eating, and living well. There is a lot that goes on in the kitchen, and let’s face it, it’s easy to get unorganized quickly without the right furniture and systems in place.  

Although we’re not organizing experts, we have learned a thing or two about designing spaces around routine for our clients and projects on our Netflix show, Dream Home Makeover. In this post, we’re talking about a few essentials we have in our own homes and always recommend when fine-tuning the details of any kitchen space. 

Here are some of our favorite organizing essentials for the kitchen by Studio McGee:

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Use Jars & Canisters for the Essentials:

We love using jars and canisters to display everyday ingredients or seasonal treats! You can style them anywhere from the pantry to your kitchen countertop to open shelving. Bonus: they’ll keep your dry ingredients fresher longer!

 Our Kitchen Organization Essentials

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Baskets for storing snacks or cleaning products 

We use baskets in nearly every space, but they are especially helpful in the kitchen! Try using them to store loose snacks for grab-and-go access, under the sink to store cleaning products, or in open shelving to store extra kitchen linens! Baskets can also help break up the clutter, provide a visual distinction, and make your pantry easier to navigate.

Our Kitchen Organization Essentials

Our Kitchen Organization Essentials

Crocks for storing kitchen tools  

Around the stove, you want to have your essentials handy. Keep a crock with the utensils you use most often (not every single tool you’ve ever bought) for easy everyday access. Upgrading your crock with a pretty ceramic one can instantly elevate your kitchen and make a functional item feel like a part of your decor.  

Our Kitchen Organization Essentials

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Trays for corralling everyday items 

We love using trays to corral our most-used items next to the sink to simplify the process of cooking or cleaning. Olive oil, a pretty hand towel, a dish scrubber, a mortar and pestle, or anything else you reach for in your cabinets regularly are great items to display on a pretty tray.

Our Kitchen Organization Essentials

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  • Hailey Turner: February 25, 2022

    Super cool and very helpful tips! definitely it looks great and very well organized..those containers and a little bit of re arrangements really makes it all…

  • Seth Cameron: January 12, 2022

    Thanx for a very informative and helpful tips to keep our kitchen more organized and neat.I love all your tips and designs..looking forward for more tips!

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