Creative and Fun Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Small Spaces
Creative and Fun Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Small Spaces

June 09 2020

Creative and Fun Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Small Spaces

Teenagers love to have their own private space that is according to their own personal perspectives. For them, their bedroom is beyond the concept of a mere space for sleeping, it’s an expression of who they are. It’s the place where they get to set their own rules, away from the pressure of the grown-up world.

Teenagers love to incorporate studying, hanging out with friends and doing leisure activities in the comforts of their bedrooms. Their bedrooms don’t really have to be big and luxurious, but they do need to be creative and expressive.

No matter how small your teenager’s space can be, there are so many ways you can touch their small bedroom with unique decorations that are big in style.

Listed below are some space-saving ideas to get you started.

  1. Sleek and Neat Study Area - This area can be very messy, so you will be needing some practical furniture to save space in this area. To keep the desk from being cluttered, you might want to consider the following ideas to keep the area neat and organized:

                * Study table with built-in shelves and storage space

* Dry Erase Boards or Cork Boards where they pin small pieces of paper.


  1. DIY Mini Lounge- If the space can still accommodate, a mini lounge is a perfect way to add personality, style and functionality to any teenager bedroom. They can be:

* A small bench positioned against the bed or

* A rug and a couple of throw pillow that will also serve as a mini hangout place without the need for a huge amount of space.

  1. Bright and Bold Designs - Bright colors are always the top choice for most teens since they reflect their vibrant attitude and energy. Decorative wall decals are a perfect choice. Neon led lights or marquee lights are also a good choice when you want to add style and personality to any space. They also help in achieving that “instagrammable” look teens these days want to achieve.
  2. Cozy Patterns and Textures - Most teenage girls are into soft and cute designs and textures because they add comfort and ambiance to any space. Incorporating some faux fur rug or some cute patterns in their bedroom decorations are a great way to achieve that ambiance.

No matter how big or small your teenager’s bedroom space is, there will always be room for style and creativity. To make the room more functional and comfortable for them, you can invite them to come up with ideas that match their style and personality.

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