Decorating Your Entryway With Style
Decorating Your Entryway With Style

March 24 2021

Decorating Your Entryway With Style

The first thing that someone sees when they enter your home is your entryway. Unfortunately, this often small space is regularly overlooked and understated! This is why your entryway needs to reflect the experience that you want your guests to have when they come to visit. Showhome Furniture wants to help you create the most amazing entryway possible! Even though the entryway is often a smaller room than regular, there are tons of things that we can do to help you create the most beautiful stay possible.

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Today, we are going to give you some tips on picking the perfect furniture and accessories for whatever space you are working with.  If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to call us and ask our amazing design team for suggestions.  You can also book a free design consultation from Showhome Furniture anytime. Our amazing designers love to help our clients create a space that will bring you and your guests great enjoyment.

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The first thing that you need to consider when starting a new project is to look at the space you are working with.  Is your entryway large or is it smaller? The size of your entryway will in part dictate the size of furniture that you want to use.

One of the most important pieces of furniture in your entryway should be something to sit on. This makes getting your shoes on and off easy and comfortable. A sleek chair or bench is a great way of inviting guests to sit down. Adding a pillow or throw will make your entryway, even more, inviting leave your guests with the feeling of being cared for.

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Because we are often tracking through our entryway and it acts a point part for hello's and good-byes, having an appropriate storage shelf, or can be extremely helpful.

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Welcome your guests with tasteful art pieces on the wall or other décor items. A mirror is always a nice touch and gives your guests and you a chance to touch up.

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Make sure the lighting in your entryway is bright. A bright entryway is a must and really allows people to feel comfortable. At Showhome Furniture we have a ton of different styles of light perfect for your entryway.

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Lastly, think of the floor. Entryways look great with modern or classic tiles or a beautiful rug.

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As you can see, there are tons that you can do to your entryway that will create a beautiful space for you and your guests to enjoy.