Does Making your Bed REALLY Matter?
Does Making your Bed REALLY Matter?

May 26 2020

Does Making your Bed REALLY Matter?

Ladies, we are busy, tired, and have SO MUCH to accomplish in the day!! So this poses the question, is it really necessary to make your bed every day?

 The answer to this question is YES! But won’t it just get messy at the end of the day? Yes, do it anyway. But it’s just one more thing to do. Yes, it is, do it anyway! Let me tell you why, and how it can be done quickly and still look great!



Why is it important?

I believe every woman needs a sanctuary of some sort. Often, the only option we get for one is our bedrooms. Making our beds can take a messy bedroom to look like an almost clean bedroom, and an unmade bed can take a clean bedroom to look like a messy bedroom. Your room should be a peaceful place for you to take a “time-out”. Every woman needs to relax once in a while, but you can’t unless it’s in a stress-free environment. So start your day with a win every day! I guarantee you won’t regret it!



How can I make it fast?

First of all, if you have ever timed yourself making your bed, you will discover that it most likely won’t take any longer than 2 minutes. TWO MINUTES! 2 minutes out of your day is no time at all. I dare you to time it! It will probably be less than that. And second of all, throwing your blankets and pillows on will look 100 x Better than just leaving it.once its routine, it won’t even be a question anymore. Find a place in your morning routine to plug making your bed. Think of it like bashing your teeth, you would never skip it, it’s too important.



Can it be fast and beautiful? 

YES! It totally can. Purchase yourself a duvet cover that has some added interest to it like pintucks that will easily hide wrinkles creases and imperfections. Come into Showhome Furniture for a few decorative pillows. The more firm your pillows are the less effort to make them look just right on your bed. Showhome furniture also has fabulous headboards and bed frame options to choose that instantly make your bed beautiful. Finally, grab yourself a throw blanket for the end of your bed that you can literally “throw” on for a little extra style.

Now that I have debunked any reasons why you can’t make your bed, I promise you will thank me! A made bed will serve you for no time at all! Thanks for reading. Post your comment, and don’t forget to sign up for a chance to win a free make-over!

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