Gorgeous, fluffy grass!
Gorgeous, fluffy grass!

May 04 2021

Gorgeous, fluffy grass!

Have you seen this gorgeous, fluffy grass floating around all over your favorite social media platform lately and wondered what it is and where you can get yourself some?! Me too, my friend! SHOWHOME is all about Pampas Grass! You’ve likely seen a surge of pampas appearing on our pages. We are quite obsessed.

My girls like to call Calgary the land of the prairies. Who can argue. Let’s embrace our beautiful providence and start making it a staple in our homes. If anyone else is in love with the boho, wild, chic look pampas grass may be the perfect decorating tool for you!

How to care for them? Before you bring them in your home, give it a big old shake. You want to free up all the lose seeds. We found that blow drying them really helps them fluff and become full. In warmer climates the reeds will expand and be in full glory. To control the shedding we found the best cheapest option is HAIRSPRAY. We use this stuff religiously down at SHOWHOME, we found it works quite well.

Pampas grass is a delicate dried flower grown in the southern hemisphere. Widely used in home décor, wedding bouquets, this ornamental grass has gained popularity amongst internet bloggers and influencers across North America, and is now available to Canadians.

And SHOWHOME Furniture just so happens to have over 1000 stems ready for you to take home today! little maintenance Pampas grass requires no water or sunlight to stay big and fluffy. Once they arrive at your door, they are ready to be placed into a beautiful vase.

Just give them a little shake and spray them with hairspray and your set! minimalism and modern The perfect décor to any room. Pampas grass adds a modern touch to your home with its fluffy, calming, and serene aesthetic.

I’m just in love with the vibe it creates in any setting. long-lasting With love and care, these dried decorative plants can last a lifetime--yes, even through our cold winter months. They are the perfect thing to accessorize with and you don’t ever have to change them out!